💯 Benefits of Hemp Oil for Pain Relief, Anxiety, Inflammation, more [TRY]

Have you tried HEMP OIL?? You should! This video explores the benefits of hemp oil and touches on CBD oil for pain relief, anxiety, sleep disorders, and …


  1. I recently tried it topically on a sore index digit joint and it was almost instant relief. I never knew you could ingest it. I have only tried it once as it was my friends bottle but I'm going to buy some as I was so impressed. It gave days of being pain free from just one application. It was 1000mgs strengthen. Awesome stuff.

  2. I was suffering from anxiety and I was looking for something that can help me. When I got to know about hemp oil I decided to give it a shot. I bought it online from deluxeleaf.com. It helped me a lot. Thanks for sharing this useful video. You are looking cool.

  3. I’ve ordered Hemp seed oil by Dr.Pauls it’s got nothing but 5 star reviews I am interested in Hemp oil and CBD oil so I ordered both. The CBD I ordered is from CBDpure.com which is what I’ll probably end up using. I haven’t received the CBD oil yet only the hemp oil. It has slightly different ingredients organic cannabis sativa seed oil plus the omega and fatty acids that come included with the hemp oil of course. It’s a complicated subject I just want to use it for anxiety and pain. I know CBD oil is better for those

  4. I have hemp tea or leaflets and it really helps. I got bit by my dog the other day and if anyone has it's excruciating but after I put a little bit of the leaflets with kava stress relief tea with it my pain went away. Not only that but just have the oil/ leaflets near by opens your sinuses I know this because i had it in my purse after buying it and after a few moments I felt my airways opening. I have to take allergy meds everyday and it's nothing compared to the hemp. Then with the anxiety part you can drink the tea or just have the hemp near by and it'll calm you down.

  5. I take Hemp Oil daily. It is great . I totally agree with everything you say. I am a distributor of a Hemp Oil which is water based, the company also do Pet Hemp. If you would like to know more so that we can share info. let me know.

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