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  1. Hey did anyone find anything in this video that could be considered a "how to"? Did I just miss it because this seemed to me a 50 min video of hey look at our plants we do gud jerb- and yes yes you did do a gud jerb a very gud jerb but their was no instruction in any way shape or form don't call it a how to if you aint gonna say how to.

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  3. How do you even know whats going on IN THE MIDDLE of the plant?! U cant even see mold probs or anything. Yall some damn Gurus. I couldnt do tht. Lmaoooo

  4. Love always researching these videos and taking notes. Question
    #1- what do ya do when your plants r so close. What do I do to prevent mold or anything else that may occur on it. Also I have 1 plant that got blight it's in end of stage of veg have not went in to bloom yet…i lollipopped it and cleaned it up,been trying to keep it organic so I went with a fungicide 3 and neem oil.
    Is there anything anyone can recommend from the blight and for the spacing precautions to take bro g so close.

  5. I love the help guys always watch your videos I'm in a wheelchair paralyzed from the waist down since 2011 you can find me on YouTube actually first person in Michigan with the exoskeleton robotic legshttps://youtu.be/UPedYVH0sNwsingle father of two boys I am a marijuana cardholder of Michigan and right now in bed got my plants 8 foot tall about 8-10 foot wide hoping for double that and Bloom but been great inspiration and I'll keep on watching.

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