1 marijuana plant DWC project/ 2.4 lbs (1120g)

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  1. Unreal… You got this shit dialed. I watched ur latest videos and just watched this one. I am a new grower and my next grow i want to try a DWC setup… Would it be possible to get ur nutrients and how often u feed? Im sure ur busy buddy but if you can it would be a blessing to me… My email is kcdub0184@gmail.com. Either way thanks so much for the videos buddy๐Ÿ‘

  2. any hydroguard or anything? can you state every nutrient you used for this? and exactly which ones? would love to copy your exact setup,,if thats fine… can you list me what you used…please thanks

  3. what nutrients did you use? what light? and did you use a water chiller? curious of your setup? thanks link your light you used and your nutrients. air stone air pump..thanks

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  5. Excellent video.. I just started a DWC grow with Autoflowers.. HUGE difference from growing in soil.. it's to the point where I will never grow in soil again… strictly DWC. I cant wait to see my end result

  6. I would really like to know what happened to our weed,,30 years ago a guy had to fight to keep a plant under 6 foot indoors, and outdoors they averaged 14 feet tall,, nowdays you have to fight to get an indoor plant to grow over 3 feet tall, my indoor grow i now have to veg a plant for over 3 months to get a 1 pound harvest,i reckon folks are ruining these genetics by breeding,,sure wish i could find the true oldschool skunk so i could go back to serious production,and the quality was outrageous, skunk no 1 is a bogus plant nowdays, just will not perform,the so called skunk smell is bogus to, real skunk, man drag a sack of it out of your pocket inside your house the damn neighbors could smell it,,i am severely disgusted,, no they didnt smell sweet an fruity ,stank like a bitch but what an ideal smoke

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