10 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Weed Activist

From the medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant to explaining when and how exactly weed became a bad word, The Great Legalisation Movement, India’s Viki …


  1. GW Pharmaceuticals needs to be shut down and their deep pockets burnt, it is their money that is keeping governments shut up. Such a shame and just goes to show how the discriminatory british colonization of developing countries has not really stopped but disguised as a businesses

  2. Definition of DRUGS.

    Artificially prepared substances out of Natural herbs and other Animal ingredients are Drugs.

    Hence, man made medicines are drugs and are to be used according to the need and prescription of particular Doctor.

    Any Natural Substance consumed or possesed by any individual is not a Drug.

    Its ok if other countries than India hav a different opinion or law against this than they just need to be educated related such topics.

    And as the origins of Mankind its our responsibility to deliver Truth to people and not let other's Manipulate its use or consumption.

    As all the herbs are a living form and a blessing from our ancestors and if we do not respect them than we surely disconnecting ourselves from our Instincts.

    Ps. Do think about think about it.


  3. I hate when people talk about only the benefits of marijuana and not the side effects or the abuse. Its like glorifying alcohol for its benefits.

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