100 Day Juice Feast #6 ~ Chi Gung, Hemp Oil & Enemas

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  2. @loui0008 This juicer came from Ireland. I recently bought a Philips juicer for a local lady here in Spain which cost 100 euro and works very well. i don't remember the exact model, but you will know by the price.

  3. What you say about the motions , and the Hemp seed oil, confirms what I've been thinking about this – that I should add Chia seed meal into some of my juice , for the omega's , but also for the movement of stool.

  4. @CrawWalts if you crave water, drink water. get a tongue scraper and use it every morning upon waking. Best to drink the juice as soon as possible after making. if you have to bring it with you to work, have it in a cooler bag and sealed in glass bottles or jars. How long are you planning to do?

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