1200 Mg CBD Tincture for Anxiety and Pain Relief/ General Chill Effects

This 1200 mg CBD Tincture is awesome for people who want the calming impact of CBD without wanting to inhale it. We had a lot of fun filming this video so …


  1. I take some today for neck pain and anxiety, it help a bit, the lady in the store explains me that I will feel better hours later and better 3 days after and is not drug addiction involved. And unless my pain is chronic I will need medical marijuana that she not sale. I have a lot of neck, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, knee pain. I bought the cream cbd and help for few hours but is back . I hope this help and in the next 3 days I feel better. Excuse my poor English

  2. It seems like everyone has different measurement units in mind when saying the word "drop".
    How many drop is "one drop" or "a drop"?
    You seem to have squeezed out more than "one drop/a drop".

  3. make it vape related and get some CBD vape juice! Theres tons on the market now
    btw the shot in the neighborhood area looks like a really nice area I love the way the trees look

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