15 Things You Didn’t Know About The Marijuana Industry

Is the cannabis industry something worth investing in? Let’s find out! In this Alux.com video we’ll try to answer the following questions: Is marijuana addictive?


  1. ALSO !
    Do Some Research on What Global Countries are Investing in Farm Argicultural Real Estate for Pharmaceutical, Food and Fuel, and Recreational.
    South America has Already got it Straight Across the Board next to Coffee and Chocolate.
    Oh !
    Coffee infused CBD or THC is going to BE BIG TOO !!!

  2. ALUX.COM , A Better and Technology Research should BE Reviewed About See :*CANNABIS*
    As a Species of Plant having 3 Sides to it…
    Hemp= CBD products
    Marijuana= THC Products
    Infused the 2 Together making a HYBRID COMBO !
    20-50,000 Different Products CAN BE Produced from CANNABIS.
    Industrial Areas :
    Pharmaceutical= Pain, Vision, Nerve Signal Transmitters and Neuron Connections, Medical, CBD's Tincture and Remedies, Lotions & Beauty .Products
    Home Products like Bath Soaps
    Recreational: Phillip~Morris is Liningi up to Replace Tobacco Cigarettes $25-$50 a pack !. Cigar Producers
    are gonna sell Cannagars= High-End Cigars Made from the Finest of Marijuana Flowers !
    Textiles/Clothing Materials Hugo Boss and Giorgio Armani have for Quite some Time been Using Hemp Textiles. Paints, Adhesives lime BASF and 3M., Paper Products and Bio-Degradible Plastics.
    BMW, Mercedes Benz, GM and More has Used for Interior Material like Door and Dash Panels. Energy and Fuels ( but Oil and Gas Companies See it as a Conflict of Interest), and Foods from Cereals, Milks to
    Infused Ala'Carte or Fine Dining like Salmon, Steaks, Wine and Beneficial CBD Health Beverages.
    Construction and Building Materials from Drywall Fireproof rating Better than Gypsum !
    Hempcrete has CO² Environment Friendly Biodegradable Fireproof Factors
    3 in 1 Non Eco Carbon Print Waterproof+Vapor+Odor and
    Possibly Soundproof depending on Density, Form Design.
    Much Much More Research is Out there !
    FO SHO !

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  4. It should absolutely be legal. Not just decriminalized but 100% legal and uncontrolled by even the FDA other than for safety only.

    I use CGD oil that I purchase from The Sisters of the Valley!

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