1st year of Illinois marijuana legalization sees rapid growth, persisting inequality | ABC7 Chicago

In its first year of marijuana legalization, Illinois’ industry has seen rapid growth but also persisting inequality. Full story: …


  1. Citizens are not recognizing the truth behind weed being illegal. The entity that owns the US Dollar along with most large corporations in America…. including the alcohol industry views it as direct competition. They made it illegal to ensure citizens continue to buy alcohol. It has NOTHING to do with "drugs" and "safety"……..IT HAS TO DO WITH MONEY. People would not spend the enormous amounts being charged for alcohol when they can grow weed-free in their house…..have fewer health problems and no hangover. Legalizing it will result in a controlled cash cow just like alcohol. They will legalize its sale but not it "growing in your basement"…… which will be against the law! It is all about money……. it is not about the citizen's benefit. We live in a world of constant and increasing controls in every single aspect of our lives.

  2. The Sunnyside dispensary of South Beloit has ripped people off. They advertised the rewards program at that location for more then two months but never honored it. Pocketing money that should have gone to the customers. Four personal conversations with management, two emails to corporate a Better Business complaint did nothing. Sunnyside didn’t even respond to the BBB until they closed the complaint. The Illinois government organization that oversees dispensaries has done nothing so far as well. What law makes a person have to surrender their I.D. and 4th amendment to make a legal purchase?

  3. "Persistent inequality" let me give you a reality check. I got a pile of dog poop.. lets call that poop a "minority community". Say I put some vanilla frosting on it… does it taste good? No its still dog poop. These minority communities will always be dog poop because its not racism keeping them down its themselves.

  4. All this after the government has penalize innocent men and women all because they weren't in control of the financial revenue and the legislation… The hypocrisy of "these government leaders" just 🤔bewilders me. SMDH

  5. Took you long enough to figure that one out. Illinois could’ve gotten out of debt quite a while ago, but what do I know I’m just a regular old American citizen

  6. How politically connected are the owners of these stores and omg seriously you believed legalizing weed was going to help the black community? Dumb asses stay on that plantation

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