2 Cannabis Stocks for Mexico Legalization / 4 Cents a Gram Producer / The Scoop

I apologize for the lighting issues. The sun was in and out. As the election in America comes to an end, it appears the stage is being set for some marijuana laws …


  1. Hey Mickey could you do some dd on a RTO stock for me? I think is has potential of being a lotto play?
    its ticket symbol is RBI.V (3.48M shares outstanding) on the TSX.V its been halted since jan2020 at 0.10 for pending news, now finally Dec4/2020 they have a special meeting, I'm hoping its finlly about to take off, the company that is taking over is called Tevano Payment Soultuons, please please if you could work your dd magic and read the filings of the deal to see if it has any potential? Thanks so much, love your videos man!

  2. Happy veterans day my friend (next week). Definitely going to check out $PCLOF. Little excited to see how the weed stocks are going to react once biden decriminalizes. Im hoping we all get rich!

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