2-Minute Neuroscience: THC

THC is the main psychoactive component of cannabis. In this video, I discuss the effects of THC on the nervous system. TRANSCRIPT: THC is the main …


  1. Question:
    You can upregulate cb1r density through cold exposure, HIIT and others things like special diet.
    Is that also true for the receptors that are in the brain or only the receptors that are in the brown fat tissue in the body?

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  3. I wonder why, when active THC is only a partial agonist of the CB1 receptor, it still has a greater response than the higher efficacy endogenous ligands.. Are the endogenous full agonists just present in such low concentrations, or only released by certain stimuli so we don't experience an all-time high?
    ps: love the content, keep up the great work!

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