21 Grow Tips To Increase Cannabis Yield and Potency

CORRECTION: Check the pinned comment. My math is bad and I should feel bad. Join me as I go over a variety of tips to help increase the overall yield and …


  1. you got the inverse square law super wrong. if you double the distance you get 1/4 the light, not half. because of the inverse square. x^-2, so (2)^-2=1/4. like wise if you move the light 3 times further away you get 1/9 the light, 4 times further away you get 1/16 the light

  2. Hey man i know this video is old already but for a heads up i learned that putting nematodes in your soil can actually be a danger. The nematodes can carry bacteria and fungus on it or in its digestive track. The nematodes could spread the fungi and can also pose a threat to the plant because of the food chain. Something has to eat the nematodes eventually which if things such as birds are their prey then the birds could ruin the soil or plant. The prey and predator part only involves out door growing but i also didnt do research on that part im too lazy tbh but the first part about carrying and spreading bacteria and fungus is tru lmao

  3. Very nice and yes 62% boveda packs are amazing….I probably use 12-15 of the tips you mentioned….sucks that hail storm…. I had other friends from your way showing me their siding getting shredded also…… we have had a lot of wind and rain…and those 2 never stress me out…worst that happens to me in 50mph+ winds is my root balls roll…lol…. the only time I have split a stalk was when my were on the plant….lol…

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