21+only..How to harvest a cannabis plant, defoliation and hang drying

This video is a how to on harvesting,I cut down my CBD SKUNK to prep for drying and curing,to donate to the channel go to …


  1. Itโ€™s way better to dry trim letโ€™s plant dry slower all that donโ€™t worry bout mold if rh and temps are fine lol taste of the cut leaves is terrible leaves a smell too

  2. figured i screwed everything else up in this first grow, might as well find a harvest paint by number so i can get something right chopping the ladies tomorrow, thanks a ton

  3. HELP, please im sure this is a dumbass question but very very new. How long till it's fine to actually smoke? I know about drying ect but now im hearing about curring please dont tell me i have to wait 6 months if so im going to jump off a bridge LOL please someone, anyone, everyone, help me help please??? Thanks

  4. Alright hermano,,mr monedita showed me the way,,liking how u grow ur ladies..quick questions,,is it better to chop with lights off?a lot of people say its best so that the plant doesnt absorb anything like when the lights are on.whats your opinion,,,question #2 do u chop when soil is wet or dry, does it matter???salud, ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ™

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