2×4 Cannabis Grow Update 🌱 MOVING FROM SEEDLING TO VEG ‼️

2×4 Cannabis Grow Update MOVING FROM SEEDLING TO VEG ‼️ In todays update video I am updating on my 4 Grease Monkey Seeds in my 2×4 grow tent.


  1. Notice the drooping of the leaves and how they have bumps and twists. It’s from being over watered. Seeing how wet the soil looks, don’t water until the pots good and dry. Good luck

  2. You should try using mycorrhizae I heard it’s really good for your plants I just bought some and put in my plants that I’m starting but your plants looks so cute I’m so excited with you 💯💯🥰🥰

  3. Seedling stage at the most is 2 weeks (from the day you wet the paper towel & seed) to where your plant is now. General rule of thumb for starting to feed bottled nutes is on week 3 which is technically week-1 of veg.

  4. Turn the light down and raise it up more light stress and go to the baby section in Walmart and get one of those humidifiers it s called safety first that's the name it will do the job in a 4×4

  5. Easiest thing is don't overthink it. Just remember it's simple fun. If you use Liquid Cal Mag. Just make sure that's in your regiment especially with LEDs. And someone mentioned mycorrhizal.Mykos from Xtreme gardening powdered and granulated. Works extremely well in will boost your reproduction by like three times. Little pricey but well worth a little bit you use per plant. Just make sure it hits the roots or they grow through it I put it in layers. Goes look good member keep it easy keep it simple.

  6. Maybe seal your tent up better to keep humidity in. And those seedlings are only in like a 1 pint maybe 2. Half gallon size are the ones I just transplanted from in my last video I did on my channel. Depends on state regs what is a seedling. In your state I do not know. In my state its any plants not in flower and are under 14 inches. Would anyone be interested in a charity that buys people their personal grow license?

  7. Where is a good place to get seeds these days. Cheers @girlyganja

    Maybe a single bulb t5 is in order with less water.

    Moving to LA? I thought you were from LA?

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