3 Arguments Why Marijuana Should Stay Illegal Reviewed

We take a fair look at some of the best counter arguments for legalization and see how they hold up in review. OUR CHANNELS …


  1. I don’t see how these arguments are viable seeing as you’d have to have a schizophrenic background to develop psychosis (or at least it drastically increases your chances)

  2. First drug i ever tried were cigarettes and alcohol, turned into an alcoholic at a young age, destroyed my life and every relationship in my life, always said no to drugs because they were illegal, started smoking m j and gave up drink can hold a job and got my life together, m j saved my life,

  3. i completely with most arguments, i believe it can be a gateway drug, but not in the sense where a teen tries weed and wants to take coke or other elicit drugs, just in the sense, you have a dealer (coming from uk aint legal) and most likely the dealer wont be selling just weed. It is finally up to the user to take anything else but i believe it does make it easier to come by drugs if it stays illegal. So much wasted money the gov could make from making it legal smh

  4. Look I understand the points you are trying to make but its very prevalent that you and nobody who made this video have ever used it. I don't think that you can make an argument without seeing both sides. yes while a very small percentage of people who use this may develop psychosis those people that do most likely already had severe underlying conditions. what you fail to mention is the positive benefits in a form that does not involve science and instead makes the case for the improvement of life and happiness. your argument is biased. And while you appear to make a case for both sides this video is obviously one sided. Disliked

  5. I am currently writing my master thesis about control systems and motivational theory, and this pretty much concludes exactly all that, what todays patriachic systems fail to comprehend:
    1. Coercion control styles does not work, because it makes people perceive control in the form of control as a punishment and punishment makes people unhappy, thus they are less motivated to comply with coercion, unless they have a very high risk aversity which delivers incentives for them to obey.
    2. Enabling control styles can prevent that, by enabling people to gain knowledge, measures, skills, tools and help, to foster their understanding why exactly control in the form of regulations are needed and there is a very high chance that mandated control is perceived not as a form of severe punishment, if it is perceived as a form of ensuring safety, thus it makes people happy.

    As coercive control exists in multiple of patriachic systems, dating back to taylor from 1911, often inheriting a deskilling logic to keep people uneducated and helpless, we first need to rethink why we desire self-absorbed individuals as bosses, leaders, managers, judges, politicians, that only know how to coerce people into doing something, yet have 0 clue about benefits of an enabling control style. As long as we dont try to help those in need, but only overly enact severe punishment on those that need help, ignoring their needs, this downward spiral will continue.

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