30 Days Without Weed – Benefits & Difficulties

In this video, I talk about my experience of going 30 days without weed. I discuss the benefits I noticed, the difficulties I had to go through, and some of the things …


  1. I’ve been smoking since I was 14 years old and I will be 27 in December. Today is my first day quitting and I’m ready for a change. I have not gone one day without weed, not even a couple hours without it. It’s going to be tough but I’m ready for the challenge. Thank you for for sharing with us what you have gone through it helps a lot knowing there’s good out of quitting something I’ve been hooked on for almost half my life

  2. Im on day 10 starting to feel so much better each day starting to eat the depression and anxiety it's easing each day I quit back in March for 5 months then started again till 10 days ago no going back I had to leave some friends they all smoke so it is hard but I'm determined this time no going back my skin is looking better my mind is clearer had no appetite till last day or two I don't miss it now threw out/ smashed the bong even smoking ciggies I have lost interest in overall winning

  3. well, im not on my break yet got like a gram of wax to go through then im out and not going to reup for a whole 30 day month. i havent not smoked for longer than 7 days in 3 years now. i feel really scared/nervous to stop cause i am very depressed and anxious. i have a terrible eating disorder and the weed has helped with all of it. but my tolerance is far to high anymore for the effects to even work so i decided this has to happen. pray for me lads

  4. I am day 38 days off nicotine, masturbation and alcohol. My dopamine levels have crashed and I feel depressed. Hope this gets better soon. Weed was never a vice. It it is for my friend who smokes 10 joints a day. He's never giving up. The addiction is DNA deep with him.

  5. I like this video because he explained his story in 7 minutes otherwise everyone takes 20 mins to 50 mins to explain there bad part of addiction.
    For me it’s just simply I love weed but I don’t want to be addicted to anything in this world it’s just simply and it’s been 72 days all lockdown “wow” I am feeling I can now quiet forever 🙏🏻 Bit there is 1 pro and 1 con that I will comment in next few days

  6. I can tell after no more than a minute of watching these kind of videos that the youtuber is very much in love with the plant and not ready for a divorce yet. I can just tell that he is still smoking right now…he hasnt replaced his love with something else…whole video is stuck in the past

  7. Im on day 8. Believe it or not I have found that it helps to have weed still even though I'm not smoking it. You just have to have a strong mindset and use the weed you have as a reward after the 30 days are up. It gives me something to look forward to the minute that clock turns to 12:00 am!

  8. i started smoking weed in 8th grade. started with friends pens to parents roaches to my own shit. I’m a freshmen i’ve been smoking for a good year now and i’m taking my first tolerance break cause i dont get faded at all anymore. Jus finished day 1 out of 30 wish me luck

  9. i havent smoked in a while and these withdrawals are killing me , i have terrible anxiety , causing my mouth to be dry its so hard so swallow , i feel like im not in my body , i feel no connection to th eperson in the mirror . Buts its gotten better i had no idea what i was dealing with until i did my research and now i feel so much better because i felt like i was dying and i felt like i was loosing my brain , until i realized it was all the anxiety.

  10. I quit smoking weed and cigarettes and biting my nails at the same time. I'm at about 3 weeks now and it's still a nightmare. Also you look stoned cus you can't sleep, I feel you!!

  11. I'm 5 days clean, I knew it was effecting me because I was become distant with family and friends, it is currently effecting my academics. However, I am trying to learn from my mistakes and get amazing grades this semester in college. We all got though our own struggles, what I did was buy weed knowing it was my last time and recorded my behavior; I didn't like what people saw. So I quit!

  12. If anyone sees this please feel free to reply, been smoking everyday for the past two years, since I was 12 almost 13, realised I didn’t want to go down that path and obviously I am too young, I’m on day 8 and I have so much anxiety and depression but I’m going. Keep going.

  13. I'm 3 days away from the 30 day mark and i'm lovin life again… 25 yrs of burning was fun don't get me wrong but the past two yrs of buying legal store bought weed has made me change for the worst.. I was getting high but was having a reverse effect.. Whats really cool is the deep dreams are back.. Some scary but others very exciting.. I am now eating mush better, my skin is better, my cardio is getting so much better.. Man i wish i would have just stopped many yrs ago now.. I'm not bashing anyone that still smokes, there will be a day that YOU decide to kick the habit.. Once you do you will understand what Esoteric and i are saying… My attitude is definitely better and my outlook on life is so much better.. I can now take a trip without stressing if i run out of weed or stressing where im gonna get the extra money to buy it when leaving town! May 2020 be your year, if not that's ok, the time will come and when it does just take it one day ata time… For the first weeks craving try some Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures, don't buy the CBD weed as that will just make you want to smoke! Gotta get the smoking art out of your subconscious part of your mind. Once the subconscious mind doesn't ask for it your golden from there! Cheers to all!

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