30 Side effects of Weed/Marijuana/Joint/charas/bhaang/hasish/cannabis on the body

Marijuana to be used for needy people like Cancer / HIV patient not for the greedy people to get high & abuse it. All the 30 side-effects of …


  1. Lmao really can’t imagine my life without weed all what you saying about weed is fucking crazy like damn can give testimonies on how my big bro was literally cured from asthma after being on weed nah can’t hear anything i Love weed😂 I get top grades from Kush_fisher2020 on snap trust me😂⛽️⛽️⛽️⛽️⛽️

  2. In short excessively usage of anything in this world is injurious. I smoke it sometimes and I would say its better than alcohol and more relaxing and there are no hangovers unlike alcohol so use properly

  3. I’m 17 and been smokeing about 5-6 years definitely some of these symptoms are pretty accurate I’m personally debating if I should quit lol but if your someone that’s worried bout symptoms and don’t want to stop smoking I recommend staying away from high lvl thc concentrates and avoid smoking everyday I wish I could go back and avoid smoking all the moonrocks, carts, dabs,etc I bet I would have less of the symptoms I’m personally experiencing.

  4. Quit weed after 5 years of smoking, the best decision. Now i can sleep normally and wake up with energy. I am more social and i can talk to people. I have goals in life again. I can do sports without getting tired quickly. The past 5 years feel like i have been sleepwalking, like i put my laufe on pause and now i continue again. Don‘t do drugs.

  5. I once smoked weed with a cop in a police station no lie it was a corrupt cop i bought cigarettes from a shop when a dude asked me do u smoke weed? So i said yes he took me to a police station and lit up a joint and thats how i got molested by 3 cops. (this is a joke but i actually made friends with a cop and smoked with him)

  6. But the irony is those who smoke and drink inspite of knowing the harmful effects will continue to smoke for recreational purpose….even kids of 16 and 17 are chain smokers and upload videos of themselves on instagram to show how cool they are and argue about the fact that smoking and drinking is cool. But d reality is they are totally "fool" and are just preparing themselves for the hazardous diseases and failure in life and what not.

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