42% Of People Who Take Cannabis Oil COMPLETELY STOP Taking Over-The-Counter & Prescription Pain Meds

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  1. Love what you do my Freind, been a while but for years I had been watching and using your collection to spread this knowledge for years. Gave it to my ex-wife for her stage 4 Breast Cancer which she no longer has and now I'm giving it to my 80-year-old father for his COPD. Cannabis Oil is the most powerful medicine in the world. Bless you, brother and all those your heart touches.

  2. I want to specially thank Rick Simpson for saving my wife's life with his healing oil here in the United State of America. My wife was diagnose with Breast Cancer 3 years ago, and ever since she have done a lot of Chemo and Radiation that have not helped her, but only damaged her immune system and render it weak and helpless until I saw a post on Facebook on how the cannabis oil had cured cancer patients, I quickly emailed the mail: ricksimpson98@gmail.com for the procurement of this medication. And from that very moment we just have to give it a trier and he told us, that his oil will heal my wife cancer problem only if we can order for it online as soon as possible, and to my utmost surprise, we decided to give it a try and behold when we did exactly 48hours of ordering the medication came to our door step through the delivery agent and deliver it to us. Am now here to testify that my wife is no more a cancer patient, We have experience a total transformation in her health sector with Rick Simpson Cancer Cure service. Get your Hemp oil from : ricksimpson98@gmail.com

  3. My mom is currently in the hospital with brain tumors 5 years ago she had her kidney removed because of cancer. I really need to get her on some high quality cannibis oil. Someone please direct me to the best stuff I can order or buy from. She really really needs it! Would love to get a recommendation from a cancer survivor who took this oil. Please, thank you!

  4. Hi my friend – I am soon 50 years old over 30 years dead sick with aids – heptc – Morbuscrohn – Epilepsie – AThe first stages of lzheimer or Dimentia – Ostoporosis & I am alive & growing the only medicine I know off Medicalcannabis ! hiv is a disease vut it makes you sick with everything peace ✌️

  5. Rick Simpson Oil… That's what everyone was curing cancer with, well not everyone, a lot of people were concerned with being killed or caged for cultivating or even just possessing cannabis. A lot of Baby Boomers who had plenty of experience with cannabis when they were younger refused to break laws later in life to treat anything with it.

  6. Legalize it or not, couldn't care less, have always smoked, who knows if one day I'll stop. It's not the government that will decide for me. For now I'll keep smoking, keep it illegal, keeps the price down.

  7. Hi Mike, I'm not against weed, far from it. However your approach to this is dangerous albeit meant with love. I agree that in time it will be shown where it works and doesn't but without the trials people should gravitate to proven medicine. I have many stories of treatable cancers that refused traditional treatment and are now dead. Man I appreciate your concern but we need the evidence to make it first line treatment.

  8. Big Pharma has spent loads of money to make sure weed stays illegal because if it was legalized then big pharma would lose millions of dollars

  9. Mike they don't care about us. I've lost my grandmom, my mom, my Husband, my aunt and many friends to cancer. I would do anything to turn back time to give them CBD OIL, I would still have them all in my life. I currently am vaping CBD OIL and it does help my chronic pain. Keep up the good fight Mike, God Bless!

  10. I am one of the 42%! No more opioids! No more jumping through hoops at pain management! No more 4th amendment violating urine tests! No, I am not pain free, and I never will be. But CBD helps just as much as the opioid.

  11. I am in constant chronic pain. I took Hydrocodone for 1 year and it only screwed me up and did not stop the pain. I quit for medical cannabis only 2 1/2 years ago. It kills pain better and lasts longer and I don't worry about dying every time I use it.

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