5 of the Most Dangerous Substances to Mix with Marijuana

When consumed alone, marijuana has many health benefits that have helped thousands of medical marijuana patients throughout the years. Many epileptic …


  1. I call bull shit on this most people smoke weed with tobacco and alcohol thc and cbd can stop you from vomiting and Nausea but you kinda need to throw up the alcohol if you drink to much and if you smoke weed it will stop that so I guess alcohol Poisoning

  2. Wow i mixed it with everything except that benz something.
    With alcohol is really good
    With MDMA is interesting and good
    With Tobaco… not gonna talk about that everyone smokes it together bruh
    With Coke is like you smoked nothing. Coke is too strong so the weed effects kick in for only a couple of minutes and go away.

    Advice: try weed with lsd

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