5 Ways to Clone a Cannabis Plant [EASILY!]

Got a cultivar worth keeping? CLONE IT! Here are 5 ways how to clone a Cannabis plant (seen on our website first) To help support this channel to continue …


  1. Just a thought, you guys are talking a lot about "sterile" situations but I think you mean "clean" technique. Sterile is a whole other ballgame. There are germs (bacteria) and microbes everywhere. Obviously even in the air (covid). You guys aren't even wearing gloves. Mabe learn the meaning of words.

  2. Thanks Trey and rob for listening to the comments! Definitely saved and utilizing your guy's words! Much love for CLTV! I've also recommended your channel when someone asks me questions πŸ‘ŠπŸ€˜πŸ’―πŸ’šπŸ’š

  3. First of all, that cut u showed being planted was in flower already. That will stunt the growth to switch back to veg. And when u clip the fan leaves, u need to clip half the leaf off. NOT JUST THE TIP πŸ˜‰ lol , That prevents it from taking nutrients, instead it gives stored nutrients to the clone if they need it.

  4. you guys can also leave the clones in a cup but let it stand with ph water under a cfl light or a seedling light and cover the top with another cup for humid and obviously poked holes for aeration :)) almost similar method for growing avocado seeds and of course pineapples:)) and yo trey be funny as sheesh sometimes lls much love in the east coast DMV area :)))

  5. Gotta know how to to keep those great genetic's! Always from the tippy top my man! How come you teach him n not me?βœŒπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ much love guys

  6. Would've been nice to have this a month ago. I've been trying to take clones from a strawberry diesel mainline I put into flower on Jan 1.

    The first batch didn't root and just blackened and died after a couple weeks. This current batch I took 12 days ago and I'm JUST starting to see signs of rooting.

    No biggie right this minute, but my grow plans for the summer depend on me being able to take several clones and have them ready by a certain date.

  7. You mentioned that a plant or cannabis in this case doesn't know if you have it growing in hydroponics, soilless, or organic soil in a previous video. I whole heartedly beg to differ and here is why. All matter is merely energy condensed into its own flow in vibration. Speaking from a purely scientific standpoint with the truth of the word mixed in so if you will please combine your faith and your reason and through the heart let all things flow as I teach you why and how the plant knows not only exactly what its growing in and being feed but likewise who you are it's SCIENTIFIC as the mythbusters would say so read and follow along. All matter is merely energy condensed into its own flow in vibration. The Hebrew bible says in the beginning was the word and the word was with God and God is the word. The word of God is love. Every atom is of two equally opposing forces positive and negative Male and female protons and neutrons. In the center of heart of each atom they are one and they are none a something and a nothing and in their love making. It is not the matter and anti matter it's that gives an atom its form. But the electromagnetic atmosphere of electrons spiraling around it at which points the curves of space meet the straight lines of force. Which not only allow us to measure them but it is this holy union of opposites that thus determines what this atom is and gives it form where the curves and angles meet and become one. The same is true of all things in nature like our DNA each cell spirals around the double helix and along the way at the points where those curves meet angles along the straight line of force of the genetic codex which shapes each cell and determines what it will be. Exactly like the atom and the amount of electrons determining where it is placed in nature and on the periodic table of elements. Now our DNA and our DNA alone has the chemical makeup and the genetic codex for every living thing in nature as it is proven by science and we are first born and begin our journey up the perfect spiral of gods creation and cellular mitosis begins and forms first a heart and the rest falls into place. Plants however do not have a brain unlike all other things in nature. So how do they function or know how to evolve in their environment. Well it is already widely known that plants can communicate through pheromones which they send out to other plants. This is often why even with good genetics in a large warehouse grow some plants become hermaphrodites but thats another topic. Well as you first learn about the word and know that plants do respond to music but little is known of how or why. Well a study was done which you can find on YouTube. That explains the synchronicity of vibration for all things in nature Bound by the word and most importantly water. All life must have water. So to understand how plants think without a brain you truly must have faith in God and from the heart combine that faith with your reason to understand the word of God and as God said "God spoke and moved upon the face of the waters and the word became flesh and God said let there be light. This deeply wrapped parable given to us by God as we reach out with our reason in hand now armed with the knowledge and wisdom to understand how the word becomes flesh. As for the experiment of water and vibrations. A homeless man on heroin and a Jewish rabbi both keep on their person a small vial of water all day long. They do not open this vial of water. Until they return to the scientist conducting his experiment of both vibration and the response of water to our own human emotions. Examining the a drop of water from each man under a microscope. He finds that the pattern of light waves from the homeless man was very bass like wavy and misshapen. While the drop of water from the vial taken from the rabbi the light waves form a patter of a 6 pointed star a perfect circle around the circumference just like a snowflake and just like the very pattern of all living things even single cell organisms which form a six sided square and circle. What this reveals is that plants and water itself is not only the key for all life but , the key to understanding how plants think and understand the environment around them. This is how they know what you have them in and what your feeding them. So armed now with this wisdom I charge you to test this by growing two plants of the same strain same grow medium and nutes. And video yourself in complete silence each time you water them telling one plant you love it in your mind. Then telling the other you hate it in your mind alone. While doing this make sure there is no outside music or noises and when speaking in your mind try and focus on both loving moments for one plant and others you really don't like how your day is going just go and vent in your mind at that plant. Feeling happy join the other one in your moment of joy and love and let the plants speak to you. They know you they love you and they know your heart. Just as God is the word formed on the wind made by the very plants we breed. The sound waves travel like wavelengths into the flat surface of our eardrum and the word becomes flesh and given sound reason for our faith in God.

  8. I’ve had so much bad luck with hermie photoperiods I’ve stuck with autos. No issues with herms but would like to not run my system 18hrs every day and retain genetics with clones.

  9. Another great video from Cltv good job guys lots of awesome tips keep up the good work!! as for clones i just use rapid rooters they are peat cubes ph balance dechlorinated tap water to 5.8 i dont usually clean em up unless im taking a bunch at a time i do the same thing you do with the dome i also after day three give em a a bit with the dome off increase time as the progress i dont feed either i believe roots pop out faster trying to find the food and since ive heard the tip on the great white rolling after dip doing it for now on seriously people if your reading this and made it this far try it i notice a night and day difference clones rolled in great white develop more healthy and heartier roots and faster too thanks for all your tips Cltv much love from Ontario Canada…… One more thing…. SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON!!!!

  10. Optic Foliar makes that Overgrow spray that works really well. It's safe to spray with the lights on and you can use it from seedling/clone stage up until the 2nd week of flower.

  11. The reason why they cut them under water is because they don't want any air bubbles getting into the clone which will render it useless If this happens before being put into a cube Not for sterilization just saying Not being a dick either all the rest of your info was great

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