77-Year-Old Coloradan With Parkinson's Does An About Face On Marijuana

A medical marijuana study at the University of Colorado Hospital is looking into whether pot can help people suffering from Parkinson’s disease.


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  4. Marihjuana = plant.

    There has been proved that Almost every type of plants on the planet can be used like medicin when you know how where to use them correct.

    Example. Some plants can heal injuries.

    Some can be good for stomach

    Antibitica good for kill infections and bactieries

    Marijuana can heal parkinson 🙂

    The thing. When some natural products is poison, drug whatever. It's still a medic. –> just use the science to find out what it heal..every single plant got different good jobs.

    Every plant is connected. Because its importent for our planet. And yourself in someway

    I think im right!

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  6. Alternate day fasting, calorie restriction, regular exercise, a relaxed mind prevents this condition. This drug is an insecticide, the plant uses to protect the seeds. Shit life means shit end….

  7. CBD is snake oil for me. Hasn't improved any of my symptoms and it's expensive as hell. I live in Utah, and there is a hemp registry that companies have to apply for. Successful applicants are required to provide access for the state to lab test at random for the contents of the CBD. So I know I'm getting lab-grade oil, but it just hasn't helped.

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