A Beginner’s Guide with Kyle Kushman. EP 13: Harvesting Your Cannabis Plants

Welcome to Grow Your Own with Kyle Kushman. Episode 13 is all about the most exciting stage of your grow — the harvest. Here are proven practices for the …


  1. Awesome grow instruction from an even awesomer teacher. Thank you sir for all the great and helpful tips. First time grower here and your series is one of the most helpful and straightforward tutorials I've seen, and I've seen a lot. Thanks again✌💚🌱

  2. Kyle bushman, did I see a thread about you getting a clone of strawberry and refining it into strawberry cough. If so would you take time to explain that to me. Thank you.

  3. My advicw re harvest is, grow strains you enjoy clipping, train your plants, and remove the fan leaves while the plant is still in the ground. Has anyone experienced any effects of the moon with regards to

  4. Sorry to comment twice but at 18 seconds you make it seem like this video should be listed as Harvesting & the last one Ripening your bud? Did y'all skip a video on accident?

  5. i grow stealthy outdoors and the heat is hard to manage in 94+ degrees every day. i can't put up fans, it's a stealth garden. previous grows have yielded some very good quality, but the buds are thin, wispy, distorted, low yield. i purchased an 800-watt led system that was recommended by Mr. Tight, and 3 yrs later it's still sitting in the box unopened. why? i'm remodelling the house and contractors are constantly in and out. a bad idea for an indoor grow. REMEMBER: never go to home depot to do your construction project. 4 yrs later they are still not close to completion.

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