Addiction & Cannabis – Timothy Fong, MD | UCLA Health Cannabis Research Initiative

Addiction and Cannabis – Timothy Fong, MD, Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA Inaugural 2017 UCLA …


  1. Thought they said it wasn't addictive? There are no withdrawals that is all a hoax? Now the real facts are coming out and not the facts that fanatics claimed about weed. Science said it was addictive and none of you listened. Deal with it pot heads!

  2. I've been using marijuana (cannabis) since I was 20 years old (so for 32 years now) and I've been able to stop and start at will with zero effects. It is a God send to those who need its medicinal properties. My addiction to nicotine on the other hand has proven impossible to overcome having tried every treatment and approach under the sun. A friend of mine is a leading UK geneticist and has told me that the addictive properties of nicotine (delivered via tobacco smoke) are far more severe than heroin, cocaine and alcohol. Yet on every street corner, in every supermarket, in every 2-bit-boiler-room shop tabacco (like alcohol – a bloody poison) is openly available. The stupidity, ignornace and prejudice towards the miracle which is weed continues unabated.

  3. Does anyone has very vivid dreams diring abstinence? I been a heavy cannabis smoker since i was 17 . im 27 now. The most i stayed away from weed in that time its been like 19 days. Cannabis addiction is very real for some.

  4. We need some kind of medication to treat cannabis use disorders soon '! As states start to legalize cannabis, we starting to see the bad side of cannabis, like the onset of genetic mental disorders and negative consequences overall. We need something that helps alcoholics or drug addictics

  5. Okay can we talk about something?How is cannabis is so horrible to our health? What about the opiate problem we have in America!!! Why are people still getting their Percocets and morphine and let's talk about the benzodiazepine issue Xanax and Klonopin is that safe???? No! People have withdrawals from those as well even more severe than cannabis and what about the Suboxone that everyone's pushing on opiate addicts. Don't come at me with this cannabis bull shit ok. Big pharma has programmed all you sheep into believe pharmaceutical pills are much healthier and better than a flower plant. Are you in charge of the way you think?

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  8. I’m only 15 and trynna minimize my smoking and weed use buy so hard for me but seeing all these video give me motivation to day go thrift with it all and not be dependent on something because then when I don’t have weed ughh the withdrawals symptoms feeling hopeless not eating or sleeping well u name it.

  9. This is hilarious. First, go see a doctor to get diagnosed. They will do it. Then, run a bunch of tests. KaCHING!! the doctors are already rich… Then follow the path that pays them.
    Whatever. I know better.
    Cannabis has been used Effectively as Medicine for centuries!! Prohibition was based on plastic and racism. Bottom line: doctors need your business…

  10. It’s so hard because it’s all a mind game stay strong my friends and stay busy so you don’t have it on your mind I love weed more then anything on this planet it got me through so much shit but being addicted is keeping me from being the best me to be the best me I can’t be addicted to nothing I gotta get my mind strong

  11. We want it because it's nice and relaxes you, the problem is money and if you don't smoke tobacco, you soon will which could lead to cancer, I chain smoke if I haven't got any, my problem is I can't get any

  12. What if I said olanzapine actually helps and I'm speaking from experience. you wont listen!!! I'm speaking from experience and you are coming up with theories. who knows more someone who thinks and assumes or someone who has actual real life experience.

  13. Weed is Better than adhd stimulants and anti depressants for ptsd. Feeling, withdrawel, cost. I would rather not need anything but its, quality of life. And quality of life is better on weed than what my sober adhd & ptsd brain. Alcohol however i do think is evil, and caffeine, and nicotine

  14. I used to be a heavy Gambler 5 years ago and it was destroying my life. When I stopped gambling I immediately started smoking cannabis. Felt like a very healthy alternative but now I feel like it is kind of taking over my life like gambling once did.

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