Adding Sugars To Cannabis Plants Guide – Molasses, Corn Syrup or Honey

Today on Lex’s World, let’s talk adding sugars to your marijuana plants! This is a common additive that growers use; we’ll talk about how much sugar to use, …


  1. Woah! You did NOT just scroll down into the comments and forget to subscribe, did ya? DID YA? 🙂 Didn't think so. A note on the directions in this video: like with all additives you mix into your water, you should not be adding your sugars on every single watering…I recommend to add nutrients only every 2nd watering, and the same goes for adding sugars during flowering.

  2. I'd like to have a bong with this dude. Lat year I spent $60 a fortnight on organic for soil from a hydro shop. The staff were so unhelpful and rude. I just spent $60 and ask the wanker how much is pot ash, I'll get it next payday and he said I don't know and just stood there like a turkey. Last time I ever went there. I was using thrive this year and take a multivitamin twice a day and wee in a bucket and water it down 1/8. Urine has been a source of fertiliser before we were on this planet. The thrive cost $4. They are twice the size as last year and so far it's cost me $4. They are starting to bud so I'm trying to source something for flowering. I might go to a good hardware/ garden warehouse. The girl who grew the worlds largest pumpkin said she grew it where there was heaps of camel Manure and ursine and she added milk to the water 1/8. I was thinking of taking it one step further and add sustigen . To super charge the micro organisms. If anyone can give me advice I'd appreciate it . 🈸💥💥💥🉐

  3. I fertalize with with cocktail nichrin and later when flower cocktail potassium.but I poor cocktail then said pop over it after then wait a minute then a bit of water.plants like suger as well as carbnin such as carbanted instead I ues soda pop.get both at same time.been doing this since the 80s before poelpe ever figured it out.just from research from famers almanac.talking about plates need suger and cabin slash soda water.say what you will been working great for 40 years..since I was 8 me and my friend would grow 5000 plants a year .hight low different dirt pluck leaves not pluck .block sun .we call that 1 super shooting.16 ft stim 2 oz of bud when you grow as much as we did it was worth good shit there.we evean let plants grow to full bud then let winter come and then summer again in a window just to see what happen.stim grew out of top of bud then bud fell apart then next year bud grew again evean bigger.ask edd from hight times use to aregu back and forth about stuff like laly pooping.we invited that.he said photo sodofises would stun the plant we said it lets light get to the rest of plant .we sent pictures.years later he took creadet for it.its ok long as better greater bud is produced becouse of 2 8 year old to teens to alduts doing siatific exspriaments for at least 30 years.we called our self's johny pot seeds in high times.i traveled all over did he as teens.we would just Tru hand fulls if seeds all over the usa.we had evryone in our hood give us there seeds for this couse.and because we did these exspriaments and shared knowege and weed we would get a quters pound of seeds a week.constntly sent in this info to ask edd and hight times for years.evean if he didn't agree other people saw it.everything did not work that's what we grew so do different stuff to each of them plus still have a lot of good bud to smoke.saved some 1st generation seed in freezer for 30 years grew 2 plants last young bucks never had anything like this before.i did not sell none got 5 lbs from 2 plants resend so high flaver so full taste and a hight I haven't had since I was young.not like the weed these days that people think is better then ever.its all cemed out now.and genetically monafild.its not the same.thats why people a lot of people get so peranoid off weed today.say what you will just like ask edd.the creadet theft.he knows who we are if he happened to read it.dont just clere bitten if plants pick off all the big top leaves it sucks up all the water sun and netrints.and pull your plants apart and don't take so many levels off the bitten instead let the sun get to will get a lot more weed.1 more thing when you get 4 leaves pluck 1 side next week go up 1 branch pluck opportunities that 8 weeks strait.evrytime you grow 4 more lvevs pluck 1 .to were that are 1 left missing from each set of new 4 leffs.and follow the rest I told you and you will get lbs instead of ounces.after that a top will grow cut the top.then you will have like at least 10 tops then cut those tops off.leve under 24 hr. floorssent lights till that is all done .do it in late winter inside.then take out side shade it then put it in half sun then plant it all the way up to bitten left.everthing below it will be roots in a week.never nicrgen the hole year it won't burn.dryed fish blood and stuff like that after a good nitro soil that had time to decompose.but my favret over the years is cryed fish blood mixed with hot water shake .take off cap let breath and cool down for a few hours put cap on and shake again then poor on plants when needed then a can of Pop then a bottle of water.then when it starts to bud bat and sea bird guno mixed with small amount of fuss blood and pop water.then when buds speed stop the fish blood and go strait guno cattail.then at the end wood ash for 2 weeks then flush with water for 2 weeks then wait for a full moon then cut it.dint pull it with the roots.and you will have a shit load of good shit.just make sure you dry it and cure it and trim it right.or it will all be for nouthing..PS this merged is for in yard printed crop only.the animals will eat it before it gets a foot tall.did up the dirt then fill up green garden 40 gallon bags so plant is if the over dug up losses dirt that has been firtlized the year before like burry fish or can sadens and let them rot all year.cut small holes in green bags before filling with soil so roots can go into the ground.good long roots and lots of will be happy.i wish I had time to tell you my merged of cursing hanging drying and triming.but I said enough.i don't grow no more just last year to show and shut up all the young punks that the weed was better in the old was the coke the acid and the USA altogether.some well most yung bucks hatted me for it.but my old time friends that got to relive the good old days for free was delited.i did not sell a single bud.that pissed off the young bucks evean young man it's free just like it use to be.i was just so tired if the young know it all's talking shit.thats why our country is the way it is now.thay all ask me if I will do it again this year.i said no .you only get 1 trip on the time machain.truly yours 1 of the 2 johny pot seeds guys.your welcome.

  4. Black Strap Molasses is full of minerals! You're basically just adding more natural fertilizer. Doubt the Carbs do anything to the plant directly (just the soil)

  5. Carrot juice… seriously is amazing sugar, lends a satisfying earthy kinda sweetness to the smoke that's smooth. 8f you want proof of flavourful this is it.. it is an un denyable flavour in the cured bud

  6. My last grow i removed the plant roots and all put 4 tablespoons of water and molasses in a sandwich bag put the roots in it taped it up hung upside down 2 weeks then dried as normal there was a a difference from the reg grow it also stored longer and tasted better

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