Alex Berenson: Truth about Marijuana, Mental Health, & Violence


  1. No. No. These connections he's making are incredibly flimsy.
    Berenson attempts to back up these stories with a few studies on marijuana and violence. It’s true that some individual studies have found a link, although many conflicting studies have not. This is why it’s better, when evaluating data, to rely on large, rigorous reviews of the evidence.

    Such a review exists: In 2013, one was conducted by the RAND Drug Policy Research Center, commissioned by the Office of National Drug Control Policy. It concluded that “marijuana use does not induce violent crime, and the links between marijuana use and property crime are thin.”

  2. This is like a psychology student deciding to teach psychology before he has practiced it in the real word. This guy dosen't know shit on this subject. Please find a different profession and stop acting like an authority on this subject.

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