Alison Hartson Challenges Dianne Feinstein on Marijuana Legalization

Guess what Dianne Feinstein and Jeff Sessions have in common. Help us get real criminal justice reform:


  1. 0:15 Speak non-racially and carry a big record, bltch.

    Pandering to "communities of color" is only slightly less viscerally, if not morally, revolting than race-baiting white voters. State that your initiatives will help black communities and leave it at that. Don't f–k-ng mantle yourself with the black vote by right so ham-fistedly. But I am a young white man, so it isn't really mine to say, but if even I find this patronizing pandering so obnoxious, one can only wonder how your state's black voters feel about it.

  2. I hope youtube uses this comment to filter ads.
    THANK YOU cause omg I got nothing but shitty prageru ads for the last couple months.
    Also I fully support legal marijuana given its less dangerous than drinking.

  3. I will say if, screw all the Democratic old guard. Good on Alison Hartson to have the strength to tell the truth. Just cause Feinstein never says any pejorative or derogatory words, doesn't mean she isn't the same brand of illiberal justice. I wish we had her in New York.

  4. I'm a right wing republican but I agree with you on this 100%.ย  The government shouldn't tell me what I put in my body, especially a substance like marijuana which is less harmful than other drugs and has medicinal benefits.

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