Are Cannabinoids a Viable Treatment Option for Neuropathic Pain

As more states across the country legalize marijuana in a variety of forms the usefulness of cannabinoids as a treatment method for people with neuropathic pain …


  1. So glad I discovered this neuropathy treatment “Jοmtοsο Jota” (Google it) this! It really aided my neuropathy discomfort in my foot. It was terrible after foot surgical treatment and this was great! I also used it on foot since it was hurt and tender from the surgery. I`ve utilized it frequently and foot is recovering nicely. I`m not having much neuropathy discomfort now!.

  2. I`m pleased that I discovered this neuropathy treatment “Jοmtοsο Jota” (Google it). The treatment aided . me a lot in soothing my pain in my foot . After my foot surgery this pain won`t go away, thanks to this treatment method. I also tried it on foot since it was hurt and tender from the surgical procedure. I`ve been using it for a time and my foot is going well, comfortable now. Farewell to neuropathy pain!.

  3. I believe the cannabinoids help to enhance or replace dopamine from a dopamine deficient or from a dopamine dysfunctional process in the brain, helping it to complete a sensory synapse in the brain along the GABA channels perhaps, to keep natural homeostasis ? including probably Adrenal insufficiencies and Hormonal triggers like menses? Trauma/Injury resulting in a chronic or prolonged GABA defect, sclerotic lesion/s, Chemical, Physical, Immunological or by combined assaults or in a nutshell too many physiological traumas, stresses or injuries ignored left and untreated from many numerous reasons lengthy enough to write a book. The causes are vast and its treatment is vast as well since it is simply a chemical balance along a synaptic highway. The blood brain barrier is especially important in cannabinoid administration, two generally methodical and hopefully common sense approaches to natural administration and unadulterated as much as possible. "Mother Nature Knows Best" and we hope any person administrating cannabinoids to themselves or others would have "Compassionate Understanding" to the subjective logic needed in understanding the senses as well as the dulling of the senses or from an "anesthetizing" point of view such an anesthesiologist? "we would think"? with maybe a combined understanding of toxicology? such as a Toxicologist? again, we would think? We would think that the people whom critical point of view matter the most are almost absent entirely and lack the compassionate and often embellish the politically/monetarily/ pharmaceutically whether self biased and incentivized or motivated to hold a particular position/attempted reign or agenda? Simply put, we act so "primitive" around a plant that's been around for millennia and civilly redundant in thinking someone is going to case crack a "plant" and extract it to singularities and make available only a particular extraction that of which mother nature purposefully encoded perfectly and with no exception , EXTRACT those singularities that so many more components of the plant can be exploited singularly and for more money and  controlled individually ?????????? Meanwhile patients all over the country are laid up with chronic pain and illnesses and disorders that an be alleviated with common sense availability and access to a plant? Why should people who use a plant be made to feel like they are harboring a criminal and are accomplice to a crime or are like they are to be made punishable as some actual heinous crime? Paranoia, Yes, its real, How? If the Federal Government ceases to change its laws then yes, EVERYONE IS IN THEORY PARANOID!!! "THEY ARE ABNORMALLY AWARE" ???? WHY??? BECAUSE OF "ABNORMAL GOVERNING" THE PSYCHOLOGCAL IMPACT AND STRESS OF A CRIME LOOMS IN THE MIND OF EVERYONE WHOM ITS LAW IMPACTS!!! The last thing a person in chronic pain whom isn't going anywhere fast is , is a criminal if so it be they are under the influence of a cannabinoid ie. marijuana. Only a crime can be punishable if it adversely effects another person wrongfully, such as driving while under the influence and causing a car crash and injuring someone else. When people drink alcohol for example and Bar tender asks you what kind of drink you may want he or she serving you doesn't ask you what kind of health conditions you may have and what the impacts are on your health do they??? So it has already been determined the acceptable risk you were willing to take when you decided to drink right? We make little quarrel about that know don't we? We have to be able to elicit a certain amount of self control over ourselves while accepting the potential for the extreme reaction and our accountability to those reactions and lack of self control otherwise you find yourself in a damning situation now don't you? That is adult culpability and adult responsibility not a responsibility nor should it ever be regulated in its "unadulterated" form or "intentionally adulterating its use patterns and subjectivity or predisposal", since its effectiveness is so wide ranging in its general use that attempting to regulate it may lead to more unsatisfactory results unless someone "wants" "specific targeted cannabinoid therapy" which would imo " be greater than that in its general use" because targeted therapies would tend to be more refined and targeted where you would want some regulations especially in potency via extracting cannabinoid for specific antioxidant usages and or dopamine targeted therapies which the patient is just looking for a different desired effect or by which study shows there may be an effect which would be desired? . People are over-analyzing to death the effects and characteristic of marijuana, that in self is lunacy. You can talk about something for a million years and all you will be doing is talking about something for a million years! It's time people put aside the rhetoric and let those who are worthy enough to actually qualify as being a mature adult handle for themselves their own experiences and live and let live instead of trying to compete to save face with one another in an imaginary front in a paranoid country and remove the paranoia ie. FEDERAL LAWS that stem the PARANOIA onto its citizens! Then can people without bias come to a better conclusion without the fear of persecution or fear of being implemented or accomplice or associated or being judgmental or critical or highly opinionated because the law "tells you to be" You are not capable of upward and mobile thinking until the laws change surrounding the issue, nor will it ever have a fair public trial or opinion….just cause' the rules are the rules and the laws are the laws, even if they don't readily make sense to the individual and only satisfy stemming criminal rhetoric away from them in a somewhat evangelical approach to "cleaning up one's act" as such in Reagans "Just Say No" campaign!  This campaign forgot the medical application and compassionate side, rendered and scheduled it into an overnight evil in the minds of many because to fulfill your civic duty you abide within the laws and the rules right? This is what happens when your ignorance with substances goes a long way and you have the power to lump together and make up your own drug categories and have the power to punish anyone who may seem like they may behave like a delinquent of sorts and detached from the social order, this is how you punish them right??? With ignorance???Being Disparaging to a certain group or individual??? The individual that could care less of what Reagan perceived is a drug war and more like a war on critiquing certain types of individuals in a mass stereotyping and discrimination on the federal level. You cant put a square peg into a round hole sort to speak and neither should anyone think that marijuana is such a foreign substance that it just don't belong into society when in fact it is one of the most perfect fits and perception is nothing but reception awaiting those who must in their own manner adjust accordingly. Some people want rights and exclusivity to be ruled and earned in step like fashion are simply control freaks sitting and awaiting for their pedestal to be adjusted as well as their income because they want to exploit the hell out of it for profit, what a disgrace!   People are suffering, Mother Nature/GOD offers us something free for the taking and yet man condemns man over this? Woman condemns woman? over what? a natural substance that lessens and dulls the effects of pain and moods disorders? God forbid someone trades racking their head against the wall from pain for a moment of "self social castration" because to function in society is tooo damn hard and painful to keep up with at the speed of though and some people have nothing but pain being elicited from a damaged nervous system and GOD FORBID they take a step back or two or one hundred or for a lifetime, live life differently that the average person because that's all they have, that's what they TRUST, that's what they choose, and not because someone else has a better idea how to treat the pain your going through! ADMIT IT! NOBODY KNOWS BUT YOU, HOW MUCH PAIN YOU HAVE ! YOU CAN ONLY DESCRIBE IT BUT THEY WILL NEVER KNOW BECAUSE WE ALL CAN EXPERIENCE PAIN, IT'S JUST SOME PEOPLE ABSOLUTELY CANNOT UNDERSTAND JUST HOW BAD IT CAN GET CHRONICALLY! Many people do not have the time to run the gamut of doctors in order to get perspective pain relief because it can take years finding the right diagnosis, that's years of unnecessary drug trials for therapies that probably aren't tolerated as well as and have numerous side effects that are far more serious and dangerous, but we permit ourselves and subject ourselves to this because it is LEGAL? Well WHOPITY DOO!!!  You do the math from here!

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