Arizona Proposition 207, Marijuana Legalization Initiative: Chris Martin talks about the cons…

Five years ago to the day of this video’s release, Chris Martin’s life changed forever. Five years ago he was sentenced to prison for being a patient. So many …


  1. you can have as much as you want on your property. Decriminalization laws work on low amounts, it would still be illegal to possess a lot even if they decriminalized it. if you were stealth about it and filtered the air, used LEDs which don't show excess heat and don't use 2 much power you could grow plenty without anyone knowing. Don't be so obvious about it. This is about as good as it gets, at least ppl can possess some without it being a felony charge and arrest. No the system is still not perfect but if you want complete justice keep dreaming because the world isnt, never has been and never will be completely just.

  2. I don't care what people do by themselves or to themselves, but my question is what does the public get from this outside of supposed tax revenue that we will never see. What are you willing to trade so you can have pot?

  3. A lot of people will need to drive 2 hours to buy it. Too restricted. Those who don't make the drive will still have to buy it from their 12-year-old neighbor. You also have to wait a month after using marijuana before you can drive your car, or you become a criminal under this law. Why are sabotage artists writing these legalization measures? Who handed them the pen? Prison lobbyists? I didn't form 2 cannabis legalization organizations, one of them statewide, for this crap!

  4. Truth my guy 💯 decriminalization is what we need. Literally had a cop trying to ruin my life at the age of 18 because I was speeding and had maybe a quad of bud in my car and a wax pen. He couldn’t prove I was under the influence or even having marijuana in my system except by him assuming my eyes were “red” and my because my “tongue was green”. His only proof was a blood test, but considering I have my medical card, thc would’ve showed up in my system regardless. He had to give me all my marijuana back , but towed my car, suspended my license for 3 months, tried convicting me on 4 charges with 2 of them being duis, I got 3 charges dropped but had to plead guilty for a dui drugs. I spent 1 day and a half in jail, paid over 1600 in just fines, and now I have a dui for the rest of my life and I’m not even 21 yet. Our system is fucked man

  5. Move from San Diego (work reasons), “donate” 2 grams of oil to an undercover. Whent to court for a whole year just to let me know that the best offer was 3 years in prison plus 4 year probation and 10k in fines, felon record. Not to mention already spend 12k on lawyer.

    I get it, it was a cop. But at the end of the day it was 2 grams. I don’t sell, i donated spare that I had.

  6. Technically you can only have 1oz and imbetween 1 and 2.5 oz will be a petty offense any more than 2.5 and you will not be protected under the prop 207 and it will directly be escalated to a felony and you can be charged a felony for any other aspect of marijuana so if you have plants and more than 2.5 oz then you can be charged with multiple felonies

  7. Is anybody esle working to expose the lies that were distributed in the voter information booklet that was distributed?
    There is ONE neatly 80 year old who has created several " groups" and claiming to be Representing websites that do not exist as well as 3 seperate" arguments" listrd directly under their name..and the " story " they tell is easily debunled as fraud and lies with a quick google search. Was this info nof fact checked st all?
    Her son died of an opiate overdose after suffering from ptsd developed diring his time in the millitary for years, and HE said that cannabis helped him deal with it without having to take pharmaceutical psychoactive drugs. He only stopped using cannabis to apease his mothers passionate lifelong campaign against its legalization, shortly after he wrote hismother a heartbreaking letter about how misserable his life has become, and 2 days later at age 32 was found dead from a cocktail of pills.
    this version of events is coaborated by his freinds, family members, and his ex eife. Far from the " my son commited suicide at 16 by smoking a marijauna" that shes been pushing as truth for YEARS.
    YEARS.she has been called out several times before in other states, and has always refused to back up her statements with ANYTHING but " because i say so"
    But, beyond the inconsistencies in her version of events, and the massiveive attemps at inventing legitimacy when there is none( including citing websites that DO NOT EXIST, this person is NOT an arizona citizen. She is a snowbird that spends at most 4 months living in this state and hassnt done so in 2 years.
    I cannot be the only person that noticed this. It needs to be called out, addressed, and exposed.

  8. I must admit now I'm confused on whether to vote Yes or No on proposition 207. I don't personally smoke it but I don't agree that it should be illegal. People against legalizing marijuana are very ignorant. I hate alcohol and cigarettes because they actually kill people and ruin many people's lives. They need to decriminalize it! Apparently they are trying to decriminalize at but they postponed it…what a surprise. There should be marches to decriminalize on a federal level and maybe then they would push for it.

  9. So i guess I'll have too video document my entire grow process. So that i can prove the weed i have. Is the weed that I've grown. As well as document my edible making process.

  10. I just recently moved in this state man. I haven't lit up in months.
    I forgot what music sounds like, and what food really taste like while you're lit. Praying everyone gets off their butts and votes this November.

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