Arthritis Foundation releases controversial guidelines on CBD products

A local doctor who has done a lot of work with medical marijuana and cannabis products says the organization is crossing a line. More local videos here: …


  1. It's doctors like THIS that have kept humans from true and natural care… doctors like this that are slaves of Big Pharma… who are now threatened as being WORTHLESS. The pharmaceutical Industry and it's militia of, basically, QUACKS is coming to an end.. and what a thrill! "Doctors"… pffff!

  2. Please take a moment to support National Legalization of Cannabis and Hemp plants by signing our petition!

    The concept of imprisoning people for Cannabis is absolutely absurd. Prohibition of alcohol was an abject failure and so many are in jail over the prohibition of a plant, this is the epitome of injustice. People use Cannabis for a variety of medical conditions. Although legal, I've never heard of one successfully fighting a disease with a shot of whiskey and a cigar!
    The punishment for marijuana possession in and of itself is more Criminal than the plant itself!

  3. CBD and THC is safe and great for pain. I use it for my chronic pain, chronic stomach issues and MS and I have arthritis. I use CWHemp Charlottes Webb and itโ€™s non psychoactive. I use 4 dropper fills a day to give me pain relief. This is ridiculous news story.

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