Attorney general candidate wants marijuana legalized in Indiana

The Democratic Candidate for Indiana Attorney General hopes his push to legalize marijuana helps him win at the polls.


  1. Its already legal in Indiana the people support it.. just not the government but who cares what some dumb ass officials or cops think that are still living in the 1800's. I could care less what some politician votes for.. they dont vote for the people, just for who ever wants to pay them more $$$ for their vote. I dont care what their agenda is, its legal if its not legal then liquor isnt legal…

  2. Thanks for nothing all you Hoosier Republican Voters, voted in Holcomb's worthless self again and also Rokita for AG who is against Legalization. But hey, you voted straight ticket I'm sure because you saw your God-Emperor Trump's name at the top of the ticket

  3. Our state is run by idiots, let every other state get ahead of this obviously going to be legal market why don't ya? Indiana is mass farming state, we could have been one of the biggest exporters of cannabis, yet we keep locking up black people 4x as much. Nothing less than paid off hacks run our state.

  4. As long as we have Holcomb as Governor,, with his "Reefer Madness " mindset, pot will never be legal in Indiana until we vote his old ass out!

  5. I thought it was already legal.. Oops.. No one thinks it should be a crime and we are tired of seeing Tax money spend to lock these people and child support arears up. While Pedo's, Rapists, and crocked politicians go free… Worse things are destroying our communities and it's time Indiana citizen's demand better!!!

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