Autoflower Cannabis Plant in DWC – Early Flower (Auto Grow 2)

In this video I cover the plant from its seedling stage through to switching to flower. Since this is an autoflowering plant I do not have to change the lighting …


  1. Spraying hydrogen peroxide is actually a treatment they use with aquarium plants to help with algae, parasites, and other problems. Not the same, I know but it shouldn't hurt your plants at all.

  2. hey bro so every time you grow an auto you use a seed? you cant clone them? because my thoughts are it'll be cheaper with a fem plant because you can just clone her as suppose t always needing to buy seeds

  3. I don't know anything about growing but I heard that auto flowering cannabis doesn't like to be handled,root zone disturbed,over fed,and inconsistency in environment. I heard that the sets of three leaves indicates the plant is stressed. Please don't blast me. I don't know . I'm just repeating what I heard from someone that works at a grow facility.

  4. I really like the time elapse camera. I'm going to have to steal that from ya and incorporate one into my own grow setup.
    I'm growing autoflowers for the first time and I had concerns with "flowering early", but from watching your video, I think I'm right on schedule.

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