Baby Bash talks CBD, Texas Weed LEGALIZATION, New Music and Long term investments – EP 89

Baby Bash sit and talks with the connect about CBD his investment in store and other products and New music. ▻ For everything BossLife: …


  1. Slim say he from the streets maybe so now that he is a rapper he does have to do things he doesn't like in order to keep getting paid he also say he INDEPENDENT but entertainers still have to answer to the people the masses doesn't know about or see on the big screen; TV, YouTube etc……

  2. Slim thug is either high as hell or just doesnt really like Bash

    He gives off that uninterested i really don't like this guy vibe while Bash is talking

    I may be wrong though, i got love 4 both of them and their music

  3. You know Slim, don’t let them get into your head about having to take blood pressure medication. That’s easily changed by your diet and big pharmaceutical companies are making bank off of ppl thinking that they have to take these. Some of it is genetic but it ALL can be changed through diet and exercise but more specifically on diet.

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