Behind the smokescreen of medical cannabis | Dedi Meiri | TEDxTelAviv How did Israel become a cannabis empire? Prof Dedi Meiri is the head of the world’s leading cannabis lab in the Technion. In TEDxTelAviv …


  1. He didn’t really mention about the fact that it doesn’t have negative side effects. After a recent surgery I was prescribed narcotics that didn’t help my pain at all and all they did was put me to sleep. The side effects I had after stopping them 10 days post surgery lasted several weeks, not to mention the awful effects it had on my already messed up GI system that took about a month to re-regulate. I have a family history of colon cancer from both of my parents’ sides of the family so I’m interested greatly in the strain that prevents that. The stigma and horrific things they said about cannabis starting in the 1930’s has caused such a bad mindset about it that I can’t share with either of my parents, aunts/uncles, or grandparents about the healing properties of cannabis. Thankful for people like this person who was willing to stand up and combat the lies with truth. Our world needs to realize WHY it was demonized in the first place and WHY the government is so resistant to legalizing it for medical use.

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  3. Leafly & other similar websites offer a public user rating system. The effects & what medical disorders a particular strain may contain & help with. Patients & legal recreational users of cannabis, as of now, would greatly benefit from a rating system developed through the scientific/medical lens as he states. Terpenes, strains, amount used, consumption methods, etc. all play a part even in one singular strain's use. We are looking for a needle in a haystack. But we are trying to find the needle by creating our own crudely drawn map.

  4. it tells the rouge cells that refuse to die that turn into cancer, to reset its internal clock so that those cells can die. and frankly when it comes to cannabis, I don't listen to any doctor about this plant because they are all trying to kill it off. they don't mind letting you use it as long as, you don't mind paying them for the right to use it!. some thing else they are trying to do is convince people, that they don't really need THC only CBD which is the current big lie!. the only reason Hemp oil works on cancer is because it is made with the whole bud with both THC and CBD, and is only cooked down to a concentrated form!. go ahead and try to cure your cancer with CBD oil made out of pressed seeds, because my cancer was cured with THC, it only took 6 years to do it by smoking but my multiple myeloma is gone.

  5. In 3 years he's made big money for big pharma but he's got much more to learn including how to speak better english & articulate his ideas in a more open minded way if he wan't to be taken seriously. Raphael Mechoulam has forgotten more about Cannabis than this guy has learned. Pathetic.

  6. the man makes some extremely relevant points, that aren't usually discussed, and emphatically at that too – pointing out the wide variety of cannabis strains and the little we understand so far about their chemical compositions in being able to thus identify exactly which combinations of compounds help attenuate and protect from which specific illnesses and disesase, until unless the stigma suppressing cannabis usage is dissolved to explore this field further, many innocent people who could benefit from the treatment by this medicinal plant are unfortunately suffering needlessy because of the reservations of the brainwashed – the war on drugs has lost, it is time we pick up the pieces to start rebuilding the foundations for a free equitable usage of cannabis

  7. And yet alcohol is freely made and sold…!? Big pharma (govt) tried with 'Prohabition'…didn't go over so well then aye 😑
    If at first you don't succeed….try to stop them smoking weed. Idiots.

  8. Eat raw cannabis leaves. By far most bioactive route – nothing comes close. Doesn't get you high just a slight sense of well being.
    It fixed my SIBO, and makes me not notice anymore my IBD. Its cannabinoid receptor activation abilites + super microbial + much antiox + vitamins/minerals + what am i forgetting?

  9. GODSPEED brother. The sooner they free the weed the better it will be. Makes medicine, clothing, concrete-like building materials, rope, paper, etc etc on & on. FREE THE WEED ALREADY! VICTORY GARDENS FOR EVERYONE!

  10. What he says cannabis is a drug that can cure many conditions. As a drug it should be taken with extreme care and only prescribed by a doctor.
    Like any other drug it can also be harmful.

  11. why didn't they just look at the chemotypic content of the first cannabis that worked and then get which cultivars have a match. It seems like they unfortunately did not find out which cannabinoids and terpenes were present and this made their search inefficient but it's great news they found a chemovar with the same efficacy again 🙂

  12. Cannabis oil does work and i make it this myself, i am willing to help anyone who needs this for treatment, a member of my family has cancer at the moment, tel 07305509750 im am in the uk

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