Benefits Of Marijuana w/ 75 Year Old Cannabis Activist Joan Bello

At 75 years old, Joan Bello is an elder of the modern cannabis movement. Please subscribe: …


  1. Interview starts at 7:12 but please consider watching the intro too 🙂
    Huge thanks to Joan for not only her time in this interview, but for everything she has done to help cannabis get to where it is now in our society.

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    You will also find links to Joan's other work there too.


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  2. Wow interesting Cannabis was used to enrich/purify the soil in Chernobyl.

    It could in that case perhaps be used to remove heavy metal Aluminium, Barium and Strontium nanoparticulates in chemtrails which are in the soil and responsible for droughts and wildfires everywhere like in California.

    Just thinking out loud.

  3. Himalayas (Seat of Yoga) is the wrong place to go imo if you are seeking enlightenment.

    Yogic systems involve the manipulation of energy in the phenomenal inner world using the attention to develop the Astral Body/System.

    It is exclusivist and it's paradigm of a ladder one must ascend from low to high has it's echo in the competitive hierarchical paradigm of the ordinary phenomenal world.

    Gnostic-Gnana yoga systems are predicated upon using the attention to pierce through the veils around the Self (Essence – Atzmus) within, using the intellect to penetrate the koshas of the Causal Body to realize the Heart.💝

    I have been an ardent spiritual seeker for most of my adult life — 35+ years, and have practised different forms of yoga and studied with prominent spiritual teachers, and been to India staying at various ashrams and holy places and my search culminated at Arunachala (Seat of Gnana – Gnosis) in Tiruvannamalai in South India, where Sri Ramana Maharshi lived most of his life.💝🌄

    I began practising Self Enquiry (Who am I? Gnana Yoga) 20+ years ago while living a Bohemian lifestyle here in the West, and I never looked back.

    Energy Psychology techniques such as TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique) EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and ZPoint Process basically achieve the same end I discovered, after a time of experimentation with Self Help, LOA and Personal Development making psychotherapy and other outdated forms of cognitive psychology pretty much obsolete imo.

    Tapas Acupressure Technique – TATlife Videos

    Nothing even comes close imho.🌄

  4. Great interview with Mary Joan🌿👵🌌

    MJ is imo an excellent solution for Covid19 ☆ which creates shortness of breath leading to ARDS by deepening the breathing.

    ☆ HAARP Plasma (positive ionised particles – Elana Freeland) + satellite targetting + bioweapon + Morgellons✴ parasite internal switching lol.

  5. Most of my friends who are 60+ smoke pot and hash for arthritis etc. and just to feel good. they know where to get the best stuff and don't give two shits about the law!

  6. Chronic dabber here I wanna say you can and do get used to it and after a bit it's not as shocking on the system. My tolerance is high for weed tho also I mix the 99% CBD in to my dabs It's surprisingly medicinal.

  7. Great interview. I am confused about something though:
    I didn't understand the part where she compares microdosing effects to large doses – I have a slight language barrier, maybe that's why. I thought that microdosing would be the method that causes no noticeable high but steady and relatively even balancing/health effects… I understood her saying the opposite. She said, microdosing is for pleasure? For me it doesn't compute. My friend doesn't feel high when taking just a very small dose. Can someone please explain?

  8. Very informative perspectives from a seasoned vet, much to take away and much that reaffirms using the medicines and practices. I do not agree with Joan's stance that people cannot change if they have deep seeded psy-issues, or a restless mind at 10 = a restless mind at 90. Science has proven you can rewire your own brain over time, however very few know how and even fewer are willing to do the work. That may be a more accurate reality than people don't/won't change.

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