Bernie Sanders Slams DEA's Refusal to Reclassify Marijuana

… Health Benefits of Marijuana: …


  1. Ah but the pharmas have made plenty of dependant and harmful meds for years that have played havoc and killed people but god forbid we legalize a God given plant that has a plethora of benefits.
    Reorganize the DEA and have someone with intelligence at the forefront.

  2. Great video, but I have to point out that marijuana is NOT a treatment for depression!!! It's not a treatment for ANY mood disorder, be it depression or bipolar or dysthymia or whatever. It might relieve depressive symptoms temporarily, but over time it will exacerbate the condition. It will make your depression WORSE in the long run. The short term relief is not worth it!! But really, if you have any mental illness you shouldn't take any mood-altering substances without discussing it with your psychiatrist.

  3. Genesis chapter 1 verse 12 "and he made the plants that bear seeds and trees that bear fruit of their own kind and said that it was Good!!"
    stop calling it by the slang marijuana it is cannabis…

  4. The presstitutes wanna talk about murderous AK toting drug dealers and blame the drugs and users for it. These folks would still be gun carrying killers if we made all drugs free: they'd simply switch to another industry that promises quick high returns for skirting laws! Our system gave these wackos a perfect playground in drug distribution by the laws they created that drove the value of said drugs to incredible prices: making users into thieves and mobsters come running to the well:(
    Wake up:)

  5. pharma owns the DEA and if they legalize pot pharma will lose millions and lose millions in keeping users in prisons so it about the loss of money and their jobs not that pot is bad for you. that they can not prove government lying to the people again

  6. It is an anti war compound, and we can't have that.ย  Get back to your war game or Pokeman trance. All people in power should take an acid retreat as part of education, who is your boss. mine is me. Always, always, be your own and only boss. and be fair.

  7. Dear DEA, get back to me when cannabis, shrooms and LSD actually kills people. Perhaps you should put alcohol and tobacco (the shittiest and worst drugs ever) on that Schedule 1 list.

  8. those DEA soldiers must think they're tough guys busting some pot smokers. this convinces me even more that i will never work for the military or the government all together. this is some bullshit. im not gonna go into the military to kill brown people or get killed overseas just for the end goal to be enriching the rich and powerful.

  9. Its not ridiculous…. What did you expect when he have the DEA rule/judge drugs that they enforce as way of having a job? Conflict of interest anyone? -Edit without even looking at the statistics, I bet drug busts for Marijuana are the biggest income provider for DEA….

  10. I gotta get to a legal state. I smoke for my depression and being able to have my life ruined instead of improving simply by living in a deep red state is no way to live

  11. ATF Alcohol, tobacco and firearms are all legal killers. Obviously, the prohibition of cannabis is not to protect the public. It is to protect the profits of big pharma. Everybody knows!

  12. The burden is on the people that seek to make a profit off of the plant itself. They simply need to follow big pharma, alcohol, and tobacco companies lead and start "donating" money politicians. Hell, the DEA approved 15 some odd new cigarettes this year wtf!

  13. Not only does our alcohol industry stand to loose plenty by legalizing Marijuana, so does every illegal drug cartel. US Marijuana sales is what keeps every other drug flowing freely into this country. Without the huge profits of Marijuana there wouldn't be a reasonably sustainable profit to deal in any other illegal drugs. Of course if the US DEA gives them enough time, the cartels can addict as many weed smokers there are today to Heroin, then maybe the cartels can survive. I'll have to say they sure are working hard on it….all on the back of marijuana. We've got to eliminate the profits of Marijuana from the cartels now.

  14. This is such a stupid be predictable decision on the DEA's part — an unelected agency with only the most indirect accountability to the people. The fact is, there should be, at least by the U.S.'s own legalistic philosophy, no need to prove or even provide evidence that cannabis has medicinal value. That's not how rights and laws work in the U.S., at least in theory. It should only be made illegal if it can be shown to have negative effects that are so bad that any safe use of it — for recreational purposes — is nigh impossible. As was pointed out on TYT, vodka has no known medicinal value, and yet it's legal because there has been no reason to make it illegal (not counting Prohibition, from which we were supposed to have learned a valuable lesson about making any drug, in particular alcohol, illegal… but we're not so smart, this species).

    The burden is on the government to show that a substance is dangerous in order to make it illegal; the burden is not on the scientific community or the public to prove that cannabis can be used safely (and in fact, there is no unsafe use of it, at least none that doesn't involve the operation of heavy machinery or other stupid shit that isn't really the use of the drug itself but rather what you're doing while using it).

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