Best CBD Oils 2020

I sent over 80 CBD products to a lab to see if they’re real. Here are the best CBD oils. I paid for the products and lab tests. Visit Jeremy at CBDExamine [dot] com …


  1. Test Quicksilver full spectrum and Broad Spectrum CBD. I'm betting You haven't tested a CBD like it before and the delivery system is superior to all the ones you probably have tested.

  2. I love the testing you do. I wish you also tested for contaminates. Do you know of someone who conducts testing like you who does the contaminate testing?

  3. I'm new to this but have had good experiences w cbd and anxiety many years back. Is this list just for the kind you drop under tongue or do these include vape oil? Sorry for the dumb question (I prefer vaping cbd)

  4. I'm sure there are a lot of people who are trying to get a calm and focused effect. Adults who are not trying to totally disengage from life and sink into a foggy couchlock. So many people need to be high-functioning no pun intended but can't focus and are anxious etc. I'm not sure WHAT the combination would even be for this. IF it would be lots of CBD and very low amounts of Sativa THC. Anyhow.

  5. Thank you for the review! You list THC mgs per bottle but these products come in various size bottles so I can’t tell how THC content compares. Would you share how THC content compares between these brands? I just failed a utine drug test from Charlotte’s Web CBD oil…. i wish I had known this would happen. Anyway, the product is amazing. I would like to know the quantity of THC per ml for each of the full spectrum oils that you review. In particular CW, Lazarus, Bluebird. Thanks!!

  6. As far as I can tell you have reviewed 1 nano cbd product. I just read Tommy Chong's spiel about it. Have you read this? The whole smaller is better because it bypasses the liver bit seems like something revolutionary. Is it that much better or no?

  7. What’s your opinion for someone who doesn’t want any THC and just wants something really great for insomnia? Guess $14 hemp oils on amazon won’t help? 😩😂

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