Better than Drugs

Intoxication is a universal practice all over the world today. It may be for relaxation, creativity, escape or other reasons. But intoxication through drugs or alcohol …


  1. As someone who lives in Brazil and knows the Santo Daime people, who drink a specific ritualistically made potion, I must say that what Dada says matches what they say themselves.
    Their two highest aims are "Firmeza" which means "firmness' (or body strength and balance, in this context) and "Concentração" which means literally "Concentration" or "Meditation" which is a mental state that must be cultivated through diligent practice and discipline.
    The potion they drink is taken in a very strict ritualistic context, singing "Ícaros" which are very similar to Sanskrit Mantras, but are in Portuguese language, accompanied by prayer and the "Bailado" (which is identical to Lila dance). Drinking this potion is sometimes very unpleasant, but helps heal the physical body and gives strength to focus on spiritual practice. It is definitely not for everyone, but I see very good things happening in the Santo Daime group specifically, they are very good people and they put emphasis on not drinking alcohol or doing drugs, on leaving fairly of your own work, on speaking the truth and on doing selfless work.
    All in all, meditation and Hatha Yoga are still elegant and efficient ways to reach equilibrium in life, and even the Brazillian "shamans" advise it ! (:
    Namaskar from Brazil, Dada!

  2. Namaskarm Dada
    I have been following you even on FB, I know you are very busy thus why you haven't responded to some of my queries on messenger (FB). Truly the brain is one the most sophisticated organ bu many of us lack knowledge on how it functions. I am presently practising Hatha Yoga that I learned from India almost two years ago. I am doing it on my own at the moment, but sometimes I feel I am not doing it in a right way and there are moments that I feel like giving up. I was drinking and smoking a lot until May 2018 when I decided to quite. The biggest problem I have now is insomnia, a friend of mine who smokes marijuana advised me to use it few weeks ago. I bought a pot and started smoking it but I got awful results especially at the beginning, I felt more depressed than ever before, I stopped and I have resumed with my yoga practices. Meditation is still a dream to me and I really want to experience ecstasy and blissfulness as I am always hearing. I want to be a yoga teacher and I am thinking of going back to India and learn more, I will continue watching your videos because they are highly practical and inspirational. Keep up good work Dada.

  3. I had my first "spiritual" experiences while using different drugs and often felt a sense of connection to others and to nature. But then I began to wonder, is this connection real? or do I always need a substance? Am I dependent on this drug to be in touch? I was afraid that I would lose that wonderful feeling of connection and beauty if I did not use. And that is what made me realize, that the connection must come from within me without any outside substances and I began a practice, slowly, purposefully, of developing my "spiritual muscles". And what I found, for me, is that all "connection" I made before, was merely pointing the finger to the door of deeper, more meaningful, progressive and evolutionary insight and understanding that one gains through spiritual practice like mediation and living with virtue. Drugs can show us that an alternative reality exists, but they are limiting and eventually, lead to stagnation and an unhealthy state of existence. The work, the real work, must be done with a clean mind and body. Thank you, Dada, for your words, and may all of us here and everywhere experience this True Love, freed of suffering and its causes, in bliss and peace, as co-creators of this bliss and love. Namaskar

  4. I love this topic! We need to talk about this! There are so many people who say “I deserve a glass of wine…” and I think you deserve yoga.

    Can you please write the sloka here so that we can learn it as well?

    Thank you! Super inspiring as usual! Watching your videos is part of my spiritual practice from 5-8 am! I’m so happy


    Thank you!!!

  5. Dada, when you meditate and experience this 'high', are you repeating your mantra silently in your mind or are you saying it aloud? Or does it even matter? I would love to experience this joy as well.

  6. Love you Dada.., a million pranams to you🙏🙏🙏🙏…. Thank you for giving us a glimpse of bliss which is possible… The Devine bliss which all saints talk about…. 💐💐💐💐💐

  7. I think it's not good to generalize too hard. The term drugs is a very wide concept that cover everything from sugar, coffee, cocaine, marijuana, mushrooms, alcohol and more. These substances have a different effect where some doesn't effect your meditation at all, some destroys your meditation while others have been used by ancient humans in spiritual practices.

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