Blue Dream Seed to Harvest Marijuana Grow in a 4×8 Tent

In this video I highlight a Blue Dream 4×8 tent. I go through it week by week, and show the final yield. Enjoy! Instagram …


  1. I'm super curious about the 2 days in dark before cutting. I turned off my timer last night anticipating 24 house. By hour 14-16 my room reeked like never before so I almost just cut it early it smelled so good.

  2. Most big opps use a freeze drying method same machines are used for food and cannabis but ones for weed cost more not hard to fig out when you when you work in food industrie nice plants know green geans does great with jacks nutrents used peaters in past great buds

  3. Really enjoyed this video. I am currently building a grow area of similar size in my house so your videos really hit home for me. I work at a cultivation facility in Illinois and I’m very excited to start my own grow. Keep the videos coming!

  4. I hope one day buds with their leaves become 'popular'- the buds can look quite nice I reckon. I'm happy to leave the majority of my leaf on. Plus if I want a stronger hit I can pluck them before grinding up. Good video though and I wish the best on your future grows.

  5. From seed to harvest, how many days was it? I have never grown before so I don't know much. With the Blue Dream, do you leave the lights on for the same amount of hours through the whole growing and flowering stage?

  6. This comment was before I saw ur system but someone else might need it
    Just a tip , I took a five gallon bucket. Installed a 1/4 turn hose valve at the bottom got a 10 foot hose and a 3 foot wand it works awesome man . Just put the bucket up somewhere and it works perfect . I use the HDX Home Depot buckets they are clear and have all the liquid measurements u need . From quarts to gallons .

  7. ya i feel the 3 part hydro kit just wasn't enough,it covered base,but i agree it was lacking something,tried grotek kit,that was 100x better ,now im trying the remo kit,and the kelp,and benificals are great,and the calmag was one of fastest uptake ever seen,and it never moved my ph,the kelp i only foliar spray it everyday,and its doing incredible

  8. The most unique easy trim I've done is letting my mom's chicken go at it. You can wash the flowers after but it's not necessary if you hang the stuff right etc. .i show an example of the results in my recent growstar video. Although the chickens do better then what i show tbh on trimming. Just don't let them eat your plants before it's time. I learned the hard wayloll✌️🌳🐓🐔

  9. DUKE i ran only 4 plants in a 5×5 under 1 light they were orignally single site dwc , i too had to go on vacation for a 8 days for thanksgiving last year although i wasnt at your point in flower, i do think a very crucial part but 1st week of flipping. had no one i trusted or knew how to take care of them so i had 4 days to make it as simple as possible for someone in their 60s that had ZERO experiece, so i simply turned it into a 4 site rwdc system with an added bucket or rez bc each site by them selves could easily drink a gallon a day and some of the buckets werent 5g they were the square airlyft systems GH makes , figure canopy would take care of it i just put the swqare buckers into a reg 5 gal giving me atleast an extra 1.5 gal to those 2 sites pump bucket when off 3.5 and then a single bucket to supply the pump bc i followed some ones blue prints off here and there was no way , no matter what i did the fill to 4 sites was always faster then the return to 1 so after upgrading to 3/4 inch recirc return lines and feed lines i think 3/8ths i got it to work only the extra bucket never exchanged much so ph would be off as well as nutes and remember i needed it to be simple so put on a timer, each site alrdy has a stone so if not pumping wouldnt hurt. so pump on it would draw from the res bucket as well as 4 sites into one , 2 in 1 out basic timer think 30 min intervals, i just had one tab up one tab down full 24 hours. so worried as well to leave working on the system leaving friday i got done after 5 days every day lol it was a trip to lowes to get it to work bc the guys instructional video theres no way it would work in a running acive system. anyways under the 1 LED 2 mango kush 1 blue dream and 1 california dream. i pulled 14 of the 1 blue dream total all 4 with some neglect around 2.75g/ watt or 2.75lbs so you can definately get more then 3 i had sites 25 sqft you have and extra 7 and you used every bit of it… i didnt trellis tho omg tie all those colas to tomatoe stakes . and 10 days of hand trimming until 5 am with work the next day omg wasnt fun … and that trimmer you were talking off i got the the eletric bag one off amazon last year … looks like someone makes it in their garage.. it too said it can cut wet and dry … dropped one in their wet MURDERED IT. went to hand last 8+ oz i was so exhausted it was dry now threw it in the machine was done in 5 mins. works great dry , you do lose alot of your trichromes and bud tips prolly swept up close to 7 grams it catches ur sugar leaves and trim but holes are still like quarter inch holes. i didnt use it again. tumblers work well still loose the trichs but least it catches them better just get a friend or 2 and bang it out hook them up lol

  10. Canna brush & trim daddy are 2 excellent tools to cut your trimming time nearly in half . Part of your yeild problem was the spider farmer light on the left. HLG is the only lights I use. Did you not notice the huge growth diff from left to right. Also. Your high humidity. Plants not transpiring properly I see you have the passion. Try fox farms soil. Happy frog mix & ocean forest mix. Blend at 50/50. & worm castings. 2tbsp per gal & organic dry amendments. U=CANN thrive. & U=CANN bloom.. made by Gaia Green.. use & a good source of myhcorrizae. I personally guarantee 2 lbs per light using HLG & this recipe. With most higher end genetics that is.. great video keep growing 👍

  11. you can always run a single 1000 watt has in your tent will definitely increase your yields and will also cut back on feeding such as cal mag and a few other deficiencies, flofaflex has a great nutrient line as well very clean and does the job very very well

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