Booker To Biden On Not Legalizing Marijuana: ‘I Thought You Might Have Been High’ | MSNBC

Sen. Cory Booker calls out former Vice President Joe Biden for not wanting to legalize marijuana saying ‘I thought you might have been high when you said it.


  1. Ohh the election was definitely rigged don't tell me people voted for a guy who plans to open borders, Banning guns, raising taxes and now Banning Marijuana

  2. yeah long relationship with black community… hmmm… by opposing school busing and creating 1994 crime bill to put more people of color in jail? saying that he didn't want his kids to grow up in racial jungle?… aha, this is what relationship with black community is all about….

  3. Update here: Saying this, I do support full legalization of weed. BUT! You have to understand that Biden has seen his son struggle with addiction to alcohol and cocaine, the prior being legal. If you have ever had a family member in this crisis then you understand how painful it is watching them hit rock bottom. But Biden will be informed as he moves forward and realize that the only reason mj was touted as a gateway drug is because people had to go to drug dealers to get it. Drug dealers usually can find other drugs as well and may convince you to try another drug to turn a quick profit. With people able to go to dispensaries, you’re cutting out the street dealers and the access to other drugs so that people aren’t tempted as tempted to buy them. The research has been done. Mj has been formally experimented with for medicinal purposes for at least 20 years. And widespread usage has gone on since the 60s, so there is plenty of research to work with. Just give Biden time to work past all the more serious issues like the pandemic, the economy, etc… and it will be brought to his attention. It’s good that this time we have a president that at least listens to “the science” vs one who thought forest floor management was a good solution to stop wildfires. Yes leaves burn faster, but dry grass and trees burn very well too during droughts which are factored into climate changes which initiates droughts. Anyway, just be patient, understanding, and at least appreciate that Biden is concerned for the welfare of the people and those most susceptible to addiction, the poorer population, whom Trump sees as expendable blue collar drones. Biden will come around.

  4. By the way MSNBC you are the mainstream media and you're so full of s*** I can smell you all the way in my hometown. I wouldn't listen to one single thing at this point that came from your new station. Lies lies and More Lies. Y'all use a lot of Twisted words to manipulate people but only the easy manipulated fall for it. Sorry about your luck

  5. Biden is NOW gonna legalize marijuana as President of the United States. We WILL be United once again!! One Nation under God… And God created MARIJUANA. Let's use it as it was intended!

  6. Marijuana is poison for the brain. The very first time I smoked it was the very first panic attack that I had. Some people call it paranoia they get a little bit of that. It can also trigger obsessive compulsive disorder. Which it ultimately triggered in me I found out later through medical journals that my brain would’ve never triggered that particular thing had I never smoked it. I could’ve gone my whole life without panic attacks. but that one poison turned that switch. This is something that people need to talk about. I agree with Joe Biden on his reserve on this issue.

  7. I'm a conservative but I mean we should have been passed this years ago, the drug war has done nothing but ravage low income communities, whatever you want to put in your body is your decision until it negatively affects someone else

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