Brain Awareness Video Contest: Marijuana Blows Your Mind

How does marijuana affect the brain? With this video submitted to the 2013 Brain Awareness Video Contest, travel to Amsterdam with …


  1. i have more control of myself and my memories when i'm under the influence, I'm an infj been studying my own brain and comparing it to as many people's perspectives as possible

  2. I have pretty shitty memory from my understanding of it, weed definitely will exacerbate that. In the psychedelic community, there is a term for what you're describing its called "memory suppression", which will lead to "ego death" when you fully suppress all memories; you literally forget everything that has ever been put into your brain, you experience a state of consciousness that is essentially "alien" to the observer that we call the "self", where your experience is not limited to the patterns that we ordinarily live with, you forget who you are, what you are, where you are, how long it been, what time is, what numbers are- you can't make sense of anything in its state because there isn't any reference point- thus ego death. But, we don't choose to do these when we are high no more then someone who gets hit in the head with a hammer goes into a coma and wakes up not remembering his wife and children. and to the extent that we do suppress our memories, it would probably be the sub-conscious mind choosing to do this for some particular reason. Either way, we the observers don't get to choose what our subconscious does or a regular basis so I wouldn't say that I am choosing not to remember. The question you posed "how do I forget something I've known for years" I think also begs the question as to what a "memory" is because memories are actually memories of memories, that's pretty crazy too. that's why people remember things even if they can't believe it, memories arent perfect. I like to think about how at one point your brain was very underdeveloped. We still lived as a baby and as a toddler but our memory constructs are totally different then they are now, cause we have more "intellect" as you get older, your stack memories on memories, and interpret current events through the lens of past patterns and memories. But as a child experiencing playtime with a toy is completely different then if I or you wanted to try and reenact that experience with all we know now, we can not enter that conscious experience again on command.

  3. If you lose your sight you can hear better from what I hear. So if weed only affects your short term memory wouldnt it most likely increase your long term or at least focus on it more? From my understanding you said that your brain is still firing but the "short term" side would be blocked. So where does the misfire go?

  4. Its the most important plant of ayurveda which was used in india science 50000 years …
    Ayurved explains every explanation for this to use it as a medicine

  5. I feel like people smoke & automatically think they can’t do shit . It’s mental thing . How would I forget something I’ve known how to do for years . People choose not to remember

  6. Now do the same with Alcohol and compare the two results, then tell me which one is worse. I don't need to wait for the results actually….we all know alcohol is far worse, kills 2 million people a year, yet its completely legal and cannabis is far less dangerous for yourself and others, has NEVER killed anyone, yet remains illegal in most places. Go figure.

  7. How do you feel when you drink? Huh? I don’ t remember. I have to ask others if I danced on the table, beat my kids, slapped my wife. Weed, laughter, tv, jokes. If government would smoke one it would already be legal.

  8. I remember growing up we could remember everybodies phone number by heart but now with these smart phone most people dont even remember their own number…I would say that smart phones have a more detrimental effect on the brain than cannabis by far…plus we can eat cannabis nobody is making you smoke….

  9. I am high, watched the beginning of the video, tried to remember the numbers, couple minutes later I realized you wouldn't be testing us(the viewer) so I gave up. Made a phone call, sent some texts.. came back to youtube forgot the video was paused and I resumed. Then about 4:10 You were about to show how these people have bad memory, Then I shout, "875425." Much longer than 30 seconds later, highernuhmuh, nailed it(no cheating). Yet, I still agree with you. Though, my memory is better when I am hydrated and ate a lot of sugar. Also, I haven't had a vaccination in 10 years. I am literally a god compared to my older self. I do eat a lot healtheir and am less stressed since dissolving my ego. Many factors, I am high, smoked 10 years straight. I am ready to quit, problem is I wake up grab my pipe, smoke before I remember to quit.

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