Breaking: CBD Oil online milta hai agar ye illegal hai to kyo milta hai? Meera Chopra

सीबीडी ऑयल को लेकर अब मीरा चोपड़ा ने बड़ा खुलासा किया है जानिए क्या कहना है मीरा का Subscribe Us: …


  1. Riots mein kitne masooon mare Gaye..Deepika k and political Neta like kejri and papu ko koi idea b hai?Berahmi se mara gya masoom janta ko.Aur in logon me paise kmaye usper?Jnu Gaye riots mein shamil hue? Encounter everyone

  2. Is Meera and Rhea's lawyer are trying to act oversmart that CBD oil can easily available online , if it so then anyone can buy easily whenever they feel down? NCB can distinguish between legal and illegal drugs.
    From Japan

  3. If it was easily available then why did rhea asked her and if it was prescribed by the doctor rhea should get from doctor itself.. why from a druggie/drugs peddlers..??

  4. Where is the prescription then? And if it is easily available online then why are these people asking Jaya for it. They can order it themselves. Rhea didn't ask Jaya for Sushant's other medicines. And how to use that oil must be written on the pack or if it is prescribed by the doctor then dosage must have been mentioned over there.. why is she asking from her? 🤔

  5. Cbd oil is strong, just 6 drops a day will make you numb and space you out, most are all illegally made extra strength, only. Prescription cbd oil should be taken.

  6. I am surprised abt Satish maneshinde …kaha se barrister bannke aya yeh aadmi? Meera Chopra is useless so not taking her into consideration…rhea c has bn taken into custody because of weed and hash and cocain she was supplying and that have bn confirmed in her chats and reconfirmed by her own brother as she being the master mind ..bunch of idiots!

  7. Gun BHI to illigal tarike se milti hai to iska kya MATLAB kharid lo aur thok do ,fir kehna ye bikta kyu hai …Sali kisko chutiya Bana rahi hai Tu

  8. Are itna easily online milta toh yeh sab log Jaya Saha aunty ko Kyu bolte. CBD oil, CBD oil. It cannot be taken unless some doctor has prescribed you . So that's why it is available in little quantities

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