Brief intervention for possibly dependent marijuana use

Brief intervention with patient for possibly dependent marijuana use and/or major consequences of use utilizing motivational interviewing within an SBIRT …


  1. I literally stopped using setraline and started smoking marijuana because setraline would make me feel dead and emotionless and i felt like i got hit by a train every morning.

  2. Anyone can develop a dependency / addiction to anything. Whether that is gaming, eating, or even weed, it is possible. Don't assume that just because it is weed, that you can't develop an issue with it. Moderation is key and some people are incapable of moderation and they just go all in.

  3. I smoked tough for over a decade. I've been sober for nearly 3 months from cannabis. I watch this video and relate to a lot of it. I also read the comments and notice how all of the negative comments are written by ppl who clearly still use and abuse cannabis. I also notice that I used to find myself saying the exact same things other comments are saying. The most important thing I realize however is that these other people commenting took the effort to search for a video on marijuana intervention, so I guess actions speak louder than words. Get sober, you will thank yourself for it.

  4. you cannot abuse cannabis. this whole site is propaganda.


    (this conversation is so stupid its painful.)

  5. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that this Dr has never used marijuana. The only advice a Dr should be giving about weed is to recommend using a vaporizer vs smoking. If someone gets pain relief from marijuana and does not need opiates,hallelujah

  6. My Canadian PM loves Marijuana ๐Ÿ™‚ So Opioids are ok Marijuana is bad? How many people had died from Marijuana?? Marijuana is good. In Canada it is legal. My husband needs for Elpileci. Dr. give to him no problem. I'm coming out of 18 years of taking Oxycodone and Hydro Morphine going to only Marijuana. We are in our 40th and never use Stree drugs or miss use our prescription. I see how many people are dying. Dr has no idea what are they doing. with the Opioids.

  7. Vaporizing Cannabis is benign and causes No medical harm at all. It is far, far, better that he not consume alcohol – a toxicologist. This "doctor" is full of shit. I'd tell him he is wrong and to mind his own fucking business. Now the fucking idiot is prescribing an unnecessary medication more dangerous than Cannabis. What an ass.

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