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Ready to try CBD? Thinking to buy cbd oil on Amazon? What to know before you pull the trigger on your first dabble in CBD from the pros. We have been taking, …


  1. I’m a military veteran. I have to deal with the VA every month. I have to take a urinalysis about twice per year. The VA is not my friend. They are always looking for loopholes to screw you out of your benefits. Can I take this stuff in peace or are they going to detect canibus in me and ruin my future?

  2. I came to your page to see if and when amazon stopped selling CBD. I bought CBD before on amazon. It was about a year ago. I just started to use the oil under my tongue. It made me have amazing dreams so I wanted to order more. Then I noticed the fake CBD called hemp on amazon. They nearly tricked me. Clever way of getting people.

  3. I have been having migraine since I was a child. But recently, it got worse. I was thinking of trying cbd and this video is very helpful. Thank you so much.

  4. All I can say is wow of all the products from CBD headquarters they are truly exactly how it's described in videos Michael help me every step of the way and his knowledge is unbelievable if he must buy any CBD products just go straight to CBD headquarters they are great team and customer service is fantastic

  5. I've been smoking pot for decades and am ready to try CBD based products. There are so many out there. I'll be watching your vids and maybe trying some of the products. I've had a sleeping disorder and lots of sciatica pain for over 20 years. Thanks!!!

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