Can CBD oil (cannabis oil) help heal Eczema and Dermatitis?

Can CBD oil help heal eczema and dermatitis? Sign up for a free consultation with Rob …


  1. I couldn't understand what he said on the second item, can someone write it for me? The one that helps to tonify the colon… I can understand some english, but that I couldn't get…

  2. Rob whats the difference between consuming this oil and not vegetable oils. Or is the amount of oil ingested so minimal that it doesnt matter.

  3. So funny that you posted this today! I’ve been following your protocol for 9 months and got my first bottle of cbd yesterday. So far I’m liking my experience 🙂

  4. Off topic but I just came across your YouTube Channel. I’m currently suffering from eczema but my eczema don’t look like the usual eczema’s I see on YouTube or google. Their not big red patches but more like spots on my back and my whole butt and thigh and their itchy. They use to weep before but their controlled by steroid cream now which I really hope to stop using it soon. I started eating clean 2 weeks ago. Only thing I pretty much have is rice, pork, vegetables, fruit and water. I’ve cut out most sugar. I admit I had a bad lifestyle before ate a lot of process food and midnight snacks for years but I think stress also was part of it. I wanted to know what food did you eat? Coz the way I’m eating now I’m like losing a lot of weight and I don’t want to lose a lot of weight! But I don’t see how I can maintain weight when I’m eating so little and clean. Also because of my job I have to sleep pass midnight but I do still get 7-8 hrs of sleep although I do feel the difference when I do sleep before 1am. I really hope I’m on the right track coz this is killing me. I never had this when I was young. It all started earlier this year all of a sudden…

  5. Hi, Rob. I could really use your perspective. I'm on day 18 of a solid food vacation/juice feast. Had some ups and downs, but been feeling pretty good the last couple days, except for today. For the last 5 hours I've had terrible stomach/intestinal pain to the point that I could barely walk. I could just lie in the fetus position and hope for relief. Thinking it may have been a so called "healing crisis" I ate some boiled spinach, which may have helped a little; I don't know. Maybe shit in the intestines got stirred up a little too harshly? I've pooped consistently during these 18 days by the way. Twice today. What do you think is the best way to proceed, Rob? Any tips or thoughts? I'm actually starting to feel a bit better as I'm writing this. Thanks in advance, my good man.

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