Can CBD OIL Help Relieve SCIATICA Pain? Here's the Answer.

Is CBD (cannabidiol) oil strong enough to relieve sciatica pain? Or is just all smoke and mirrors and too good to be true? In this straightforward video, Dr. Rowe …


  1. I take CBD it helps my nerve pain because it helps the inflammation . It also helps my brain imbalance. Alot.
    I've done the shots ( next to my spine), the opiates and CBD is my answer. Because opiates ruin my life and the shots really didn't work for me.

  2. Appreciate the speaker's counsel to get proper medical care, but come on. This is the US. Medical care is beyond affordability for LOTS of Americans despite the Affordable Care Act. That's why so many people are looking for something to temporarily manage pain.

  3. After 3 years using CBD…..Its a "Miracle Medicine" to me! While working in my garden one evening, a lady stopped to talk. And as usual I always try to introduce CBD into a conversation. And so I did, mentioning that we give it to my son whos bipolar!!!!!!! She mentioned that she was bipolar as well so I offered her a dose of my CBD, which she excepted! We continued talking and in about 5/7 minutes she snapped her hand up like a traffic cop and said, "Sir I never mentioned this but I have scoliosis and im in pain 24/7!! its only been a few minuets and i stand here pain free!!!! There is another lady in her 80's that my mom delivered food to, that had degenerative disks! She only took her opiates at night so she could sleep! She chose to suffer thru her days for fear of getting addicted! I asked my mom to let me go with her on her next food delivery to this woman. When I explained that attributes of CBD oil (pain relief) she asked for some before I could offer it to her!! Im not a church goer but with god as my witness, again in about 5/7 minutes (her pain was gone) she started to weep and asked me stand up to allow her to hug me!! I never knew an 80 some year old lady could hug so hard for so long!!!! I have a few dozen stories I could relate here but Ill stop. The ball is in your court folks!! I typically mention the brand of CBD that I use in my comments. Im not doing that here because im not trying to sell you a specific product but i am trying to sell you on CBD itself!!! Find a company that cold presses for extraction and NO CHEMICALS!!! There are companies out there that use butane, propane, ethanol or alcohol!? No Carrier oils and unfiltered!!! That will be a full spectrum CBD!! FYI Folks! PEACE!!!

  4. My Story:

    How to cure 90% of sciatica very quickly.

    There is so much unnecessary pain with the sciatica. If I know the cure, certainly many doctors do. My experience over the last 40 years indicates that for the government/medical establishment – greed and corruption trumps healing people.

    Study on sciatica pinpointed herniated discs as the cause of 90% of all sciatica. Chances are very high that if you have sciatica, you have some degree of herniation causing it. You need to cure the hernia to cure the sciatica.

    How to cure the herniated fisc ?

    Use Biocell form of Hyaluronic Acid which includes Biocell's collagen and chondroitin Sulfate. It also uses rooster comb type of hyaluronic acid. Doctor's Best brand on Amazon is the one I use. I can't recommend anything but this formulation because I can't prove it was anything specific in it. May have been the combination. The gelatin disc is made up of all three components.

    There are two type of Hyaluronic acid.

    1) Original rooster comb based HA

    2) fermented high molecular weight HA

    I have completely cured an L4-L5 and L5-S1 herniation in 6 weeks.

    The L5-S1 crippled me and put me on crutches and bedridden for 7 weeks along with severe pain.

    When I realized what the cure was, my progression was

    After week 1 … most pain sciatica pain went away

    After week 2 … 95% of the pain went away and could stand

    After week 3 … I could start to walk somewhat without crutches somewhat and rehabilitate my right leg … still some very slight sciatica

    After week 4 … I could walk around better without any crutches. Still need to rehabilitate my leg to get it stronger

    Take 2-4 capsules of the Biocell formulation with cup of water on empty stomach

    You will know within 1-2 weeks whether it is working.

    Of course if you have more milder type of herniation, it will resolve quicker.

    Much sciatica is healed on it's own because some people only have temporary nutrient deficiencies while others who do just won't get better.

    Standard medical practice should be Biocell formula. It would save a lot of pain and disablement. They won't. It's like arthritis. The cause is already known – boron deficiency – the cure – borax – is known but healing people isn't what the health care system is about.


    The chiropractor was useless. He should have known by probability that I had herniation. I had another chiropractor tell me 10 years ago that herniations could not be cure. I thought he was either ignorant or full of it. It took me 3 years to track down the cure.

    I was going to get an X ray but I ditched it when I saw that study. I was very confident I could prove it was herniation and cure it quickly. I didn't waste any time doing any exercises after that.

    Most advice online about sciatica was basically useless.

    It also regenerates the gums in mouth. Gum degeneration is why too many elderly loose their teeth.

    Please send this out to other people

  5. I stumbled across a CBD oil called " Lord Jones " it's 100mg of CBD oil no (THC) . I bought it from Sephora online.. I was in complete disbelief when my lower back pain was gone and was able to preform my job in construction for the first time with comfort and mobility… This is a true story for those who are suffering…Like the video says this I'm sure is not a 💯 cure ..but I can function 100% better pain free…

  6. I’m scared. Maybe I should stop researching. I’ve been dealing with sciatic back pain for almost a year. Started taking gabapentin and the pain literally left my back and went to my left leg. I have constant muscle spasms, pinching and needle, and it feels like my leg is being electrocuted. It’s been like this for 3 weeks now. I don’t sleep at night. I cry all day because of i lift my arm to high or turn my head it sends excruciating pain to my leg. The pain is unbearable. I can not shower how I want, use the bathroom, cook, clean, make up my bed, nothing. I smoked marijuana last night because I couldn’t take the pain anymore. I’m scared to get out of bed because of the pain. All the research I’ve been doin, all I see is all the years people have been living with this pain. I don’t see any success stories. God. I’m so scared. I cannot continue like this 😢😢😢

  7. It works well. I started slowly with 1-2 drops three times a day. No side effects this time I tried it. Just remember if it doesn’t work keep using it daily and incorporate fish oil or omega 3s into your diet and it will make it work better and faster

  8. I started taking cbd oil tincture for a cyst on my spine and lo and behold it knocked down my arthritic knee pain tremendously as well as my sciatica pain too. I have had cbd oil before and I never took it consistently even though I knew it had to build up in some people’s systems. I assumed it would not work but I read that if you start increasing omega 3s in your body, it can help cbd work better and faster. I incorporated a small palmful of walnuts each morning with breakfast and started eating fresh salmon twice a week for a few months. I finally decided to give cbd oil another try and I am in disbelief how much it is helping my chronic pains. I plan to add a fish oil to my daily regimen as well to see if it can further enhance the benefits to help the cyst. I even tried smoking cbd flower but the oils effects lasts longer

  9. Excellent Video! Sorry for butting in, I would love your opinion. Have you heard the talk about – Refraacean Esteemed Rule (Have a quick look on google can't remember the place now)? It is a great one off product for using CBD to change your life minus the headache. Ive heard some super things about it and my cousin at last got cool success with it.

  10. Works great for my sciatica.
    I use full spectrum.
    1000 mg bottle.
    5 drops = 20mg aday under the tongue.
    Works a treat.
    It is not a cure.
    You need to keep using it.

  11. Some things that work is doing bridges, front planks and side planks. Changing your diet to reduce inflammation in the body is a must. Reducing sugars carbs etc(think keto). Go for fermented foods and easy digesting proteins(chicken, chick peas, eggs.) Going for prolonged fasts also reduces inflammation in the pain areas of chronic lower back pain patients. Fasting for 3+ days let's the body not worry about digesting and instead let's it focus and repair damaged cells in other areas. Stem cells are available at their max abundancy 3 days after not eating(think your body preparing you to hunt so you dont die). Try it yourself you may also wish to try ice cold baths(think lebron james). I have ddd, stenosis, buldging discs, herniated discs you name it. I manage my pain/conditions with the above methods after spending thousands of hours on research, books and getting care from at least 50 different licensed therapists over the last 15 years. For some there is no cure but feel better knowing it won't be forever and one day we'll all be at peace. See you all there. Finally, walk 30 minutes a day, dont do anything if it hurts and know your limits. A good further learning route for all is searching dr stuart mcgill.

  12. My friend has an huge old doberman pinscher named Striker. Striker cannot even bend his bend his back legs when he lays down, they are all the way straight forward to his head. Poor dog. Someone recommended he give Striker CBD oil. Since he starting giving striker CBD oil, he much happier and goes for a walk everyday without problems and he moves much better.My friend says he's a whole different dog now after the CBD oil. Striker is so happy he smiles now and has a twinkle in his eye, and plays a little bit now, even though he is super old. Striker even took his toy stuffed animal winnie the poo tigger in a car ride with him the other day.. Also his younger dog used to lick the right side of his head and his blind right eye( we think) while he lay in pain. (Maybe the other dog senses or smells cancer)? Anyways, the other dog doesn't lick the right side of his head and eye so much now, indicating that the cancer, pain, or whatever was bothering him might be receding, since dogs are very perceptive to pain, sadness, and sickness in humans and other dogs. Just throwing in my observations for anyone or their dogs that might be suffering from pain, to at least give CBD oil a try.

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