Can marijuana cause psychosis? | Weed Easy

Anyone who’s been high on cannabis knows it can change your perception of reality. But can smoking weed create a more permanent mental shift?


  1. All these people in the study already had their psychosis triggered by other psychoactive substances. Caffeine and alcohol were definitively determined as the root cause in all these cases.

  2. HEy! last year I was admitted in this psychiatric hospital due to a "psychosis break", later on, the doctors called it "a personality disorder, we're not completely sure". They attributed it to the fact that I was a heavy weed smoker. It's nice to find out that this is not the reason why! Rather, that it is because I may have been prompted to develop this condition thanks to my genetics & this COMT gene 🙂 it makes me happy to have found this video because I'm studying more in-depth the plant of cannabis so I can keep on enjoying it from time to time! I will show this to my mom so she can chill!!!

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