Can Marijuana treat BIPOLAR DISORDER? Well Sort Of…

Does Marijuana / Cannabis treat Bipolar Disorder? What are the effects… here is my experience! Find me on #Instagram & #Facebook (@donjuliusss) Thanks for …


  1. I seriously wonder if I have bipolar disorder or not sometimes… I have had a lot of trauma in my life that honestly doesnt seem to stop… I guess Im going to have to come to terms with the fact I might be bipolar. I hate that I stigmatize these things and feel bad… thanks for your video. You make me feel more normal, whatever it is thats wrong with me..

  2. I'm, bipolar 1 and have been for over ten years now, But smoking Marijuana is not a great idea for someone who is bipolar and on meds. But, others are different and need to find what works for them , but don't be blind to the signs of a false comfort

  3. I have the same list of mental illness as you. I finally stop taking all the meds that didn't work. Now I use a vape pen with concentrated oil and trying dabs. I live near a state where it is legalized. Getting a card soon!!! Marijuana does work, for me the oil especially! Great video!!

  4. im 16, and bipolar. i have my minor medical marijuana card, and it has stabilized my mood way better then the pills that were making me feel like i was going crazy.. plants over pills!!

  5. I have bi polar 1 and medicate daily to manage my bi polar I do not take an other medications and who know if that’s for better or worse but this is how I deal with it as you said it takes away the racing thoughts and mellows me out a bit

  6. Less is more. High Thc weed is not good…..for my brain anyways. I stick with Indica…..have it with coffee if you want it to feel like sativa….just a few tokes

  7. I have smoked for many years and decided to quit because I wanted to be focused on work and career, because I felt it took away my productivity. And then later on I found out that I have bi polar disorder. And now that I’m about one year free from daily smoking I feel that my mood swings are way more intense then what I remembered it to be. I’m recently described lamictal from my doctor so we will see how it works on me

  8. I have been looking into possibly having bipolar disorder, because my mother has it. I started really thinking I have it, once smoking marijuana. When I first started smoking, I really felt I was manic. I felt like I was experiencing extreme feelings of psychosis. This makes me feel like I may have it, after finding out this happens to other people

  9. i def would consider it for treating anxiety, but bipolar disorder is such a beast -it's hard to know what will work. sometimes it feels like nothing will work. thank you for sharing your experience and always being so completely honest. your t-shirt rocks, btw!

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