Can Smoking Marijuana Cause Cancer?

“As marijuana becomes more accepted — and in some places, legal — a UCLA researcher has reexamined the question: does smoking marijuana cause lung …


  1. Aint broncitis natural phlegm and mucus. Which helps prevent severe colds etc.
    Im here cuz ive been getting mad phlegm in my nose/throat which is normal id assume.
    Ive been getting better as i take hot tea with honey and what not.
    Btw ima stop smoking blunts!

  2. I have never seen such propaganda BS in my life!
    There is overwhelming scientific evidence that cannabis prevents cancer, and they KNOW it! The only reason why they won't legalise Cannabis is simple, MONEY. How do you think the large pharmaceutical companies would feel about you being able to use a natural medicine that WORKS?
    What do you think would happen to the alcohol industry if cannabis was legal?
    And if they are using that old chestnut, that Cannabis is harmful to your health, and that's why it's illegal. Just look at the amount of deaths caused by tobacco and alcohol each year! Even if you combine all the deaths together from all illegal drugs, they wouldn't even come close to the deaths caused by alcohol!
    And the moment any bogus doctor or so called specialist tries to tell you cannabis is harmful, just ask them this question. What is the LD50 of Cannabis?

  3. In public schools they try teaching you that marijuana makes you more prone to lung cancer and it makes you more hungry and lazy. Really marijuana effects people in many different ways. I am not going to admit to doing marijuana but I am not going to say I'm not saying I haven't done it. There was also this one time where someone had a health project on marijuana and this was in study hall a class for working, anyway the person was doing a paper on marijuana and then some stuff was said and a teacher said "marijuana is more dangerous than cigarettes." I am not joking that is really what she said. Anyway my point is that we try to lie to public school kids to try and make them not do marijuana and really it's not really going to work out and making it illegal makes it more likely for minors to get a hold of because there's no real regulations on age when buying it illegally. If we make marijuana legal and make a marijuana shop then we can say that you have to be 21 to be able to do marijuana.

  4. The only people that should be arrested, are the government themselves for making cannabis illegal in the first place! It is a crime against humanity! !

  5. No one's ever died from it except one who had an allergic reaction to it which people can be allergic to certain plants. If it can't kill you, then don't listen to dumbfucks who come up with more bullshit about a cancer curing herb

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