Canadian Marijuana Documentary: The Health, The Benefits, The Truth!

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  1. People should stand up together and demand for marijuana and hemp to be legal and free to grow fro anyone! The power is ours if we stand together. The people are many. The rulers are few

  2. Im so gratefull i live in Holland were Cannabis is legal. I just started smoking it twice and i recieved benefits such ass better pinealgland/third ere activation, more vivid/lucid dreaming, creativity, headache reliever and much more i feel that this plant is a medican and a teacher and has no side effects as long as you dont put tabacco in a joint which i never do

  3. pills kills marijane make you feel good never in all the years i smoked i never been in the hospital or experience pain i stopped 2002 now im in pain from arthritist 2 surgeries takin pills for 15 years for pain im sick of pain dr denied me for medical weed im thinking of going back to smoking

  4. I think if your going to call weed s gateway drug You fan call everything a gateway drug. Lifting weights leads to lifting bigger weights and missing the gym if you don't train. Anything can be called a gateway anything

  5. Train all USA people in jail for weed, to grow and manage grow operations, use the prison complexes as grow operations not jails, tax the weed,as medicine or recreational, give people jobs and skills, there you go this is a solution,

  6. Bush and Clinton stand up call pot a drug, and throw kids in jail for using an herb, and they and the military industrial complex are directly involved with importing cocaine and heroin into the country, what a pack of hypocrite bitches, and for them thats accetable

  7. Anything synthetic and hybrid is no good for humans.
    Find the most organic bud that you can find.
    You should never smoke marijuana. It's should be consumed in teas.

  8. Love how this documentary pushes you to really take a step back and look at what is happening to the world and society. How governments, major corporations/companies are basically messing everything up, and gaining power and money by doing it. They make money off of putting people in jail, by cutting down trees, giving people poisonous and deadly drugs, going to war. It's all fucked up, and it's all going way down hill at an alarming rate

  9. This was better than any blockbuster Hollywood, Bollywood or anyotherwood Movie

    Gotto love documentaries. ..
    Simply because they're not cloudbuild .. its real and its true The Happening
    There are barely any scripts or Acting ..
    YOU can use your ability to read a person's face and make out between truth and lies

  10. This idea of medical marijuana is full of bull crap! A person looking for CBD for PURELY HEALTH BENEFITS is extremely hard to find because over 95 percent of the products will make you stoned or give you a high! People will long-term chronic health conditions and are in bed often with their condition don't need to be more stoned!!! They need to control their pain and feel energy so they can function! There is extreme shortage of this product and if there is anything it extremely EXPENSIVE for the sick person to afford long-term, if they have access to it at all, due to it not being government funded!!

  11. + This great video is the best I've seen yet.Β It makes it very clear that we need to reframe the terms of debate. De-prohibition is the valid legal term for what we need. Even re-legaization assumes that prohibition was legal. Cannabis prohibition is based on lies, deiberate deception for the commission of criminal fraud. What was once and still is a criminal hoax used to create unjust laws to perpetrate long-term fraud is still fraud. No bogus law created to commit fraud will ever be legal. Let's make sure everybody knows and acts on that truth of legal principle. According to the basic logic of US law and our Constitution, no citizen is required to obey a bogus law, and we need no court case or decision of a judge to justify their patriotic disobedience. Bogus laws enacted and enforced to abuse people are as legally null and void as if they never existed. Any official or law enforcement officer who enforces fraudulent laws is guilty of fraud, at least, and treason, at worst. Everybody ever arrested for disobeying marijuana laws is a victim of false arrest. All prisoners jailed for any possession of cannabis products is a victim of criminally official fraud and unjust imprisonment. So, I suggest demonstrations demanding grand-jury investigations of the Perps, immediate release of all the imprisoned victims, and initiation of a massive class-action suit against the traitors. Remember, "he who frames the terms of debate wins it."

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