Cancer patient sues state of Michigan over medical marijuana access

Sherry Hoover, a 57-year-old cancer patient from Rochester, is suing the state of Michigan in federal court after a regulatory change meant she can no longer …


  1. In 2015, I was feeling great and healthy as could be in my early sixties. My wife was recently retired, and I was working at Sunoco refinery. Things took a turn for the worse, however, when I was laid off. Jobless and without income, my wife and I tried our best to carry on.
    Soon after, I went to my routine urology appointment, where there were traces of blood found in my urine sample. The doctor gave me a prescription and sent me to a local medical center, where I was presented with the most unexpected news—60% of my liver was cancerous. I was in shock because I had never felt any symptoms; even more shocked were the doctors, who were in disbelief that I had never felt an ounce of pain. The doctors called my primary care physician, who was apologetic and greatly concerned that she had not detected it earlier. They also called in a surgical team, who delivered the news that not much could be done for me. I felt that I needed more answers.
    After consulting with my wife and sisters-in-law, they suggested we go to Dr Harvey herbal world because they already knew it was cancer
    Never stop trying. I'm glad I didn't. 
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  3. Common causes of this symptom
    Nausea can have causes that aren't due to underlying disease. Examples include motion such as from a car and plane, taking pills on an empty stomach, eating too much or too little, or drinking too much alcohol.

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