Cannabis 101 | National Geographic

Cannabis is the most frequently used illicit substance in the United States. Find out about the history of marijuana use, the chemistry behind a “high”, and the …


  1. What about the Federal marijuana program??? The Federal IND program since the early 1970s. I know Elvy. The federal government has been studying cannabis under the federal IND Marijuana program.

  2. I never understood the association of marijuana with hallucinations. Who the heck getting full on acid trip visuals or hearing full on conversations that arenโ€™t there, from weed?

  3. You would typically expect accurate information from National Geographic, but clearly in this category they are lacking…. very disappointing as cannabis is used wildly as a medicine…

  4. When you do a longer, more informative segment, don't forget to mention the politicized multi-billion $$$ war on hemp/cannabis that began after Prohibition was rescinded and director of Dept of Prohibition/FBN (Harry Anslinger, google the creep) needed to create a job for himself and new public enemy. Enter the Mexican slang word "marijuana" used officially to incite fear and loathing of brown and black people. Nixon puts it all into overdrive in the 70s. The result was mess but they're all on the wrong side of history now…

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